Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Homegrown Creations Delight at Dollirium

The latest show at London's Art Doll Gallery, Dollirium, is titled "The Home Grown Doll Show" and features work by artists from London, Toronto, Stratford and St. Thomas.  As with all shows at the gallery, there was an eye-catching mix of the creepy and the beautiful.

 The Dollirium Studio hung with the latest show

Tattoo artist Deb Mellor's work has a delightful whimsical spirit.  The piece above is titled "Come closer, I will listen"

Another of Mellor's pieces, titled "Wheeeeeee!"

A completely different vibe is had from Michelle Di Pinto's work, particularly the one above, titled "Edwina".

Di Pinto sculpted each feather individually from clay

"Undertaker", by Jacqui Gallant (whose photo appears in my previous post) has cool little skull-shaped buttons on his jacket

Many of the dolls created by tattoo artist Lana Hicks, including the one in the photo above, are incredibly beautiful, with gorgeous costumes and accessories. 

Hicks also creates dolls with a dark side, like the one above, titled "Sughare"

With each new show at Dollirium, I have become a bigger fan of the work of London artist Sarah Legault, who created "The Lovers" in the photo above.  The fabrics she chooses for her dolls' clothing is always richly elegant, contrasting with the oddly macabre faces

Another of Legault's creations, "Echo, The Bunnyman"

One of my favourite Sarah Legault dolls is "Vlada, The Impaler", pictured above, which was exhibited in a previous show, and is on display in Gallant's studio. 

Sara Deck, the creator of "Viv", above, is a visual artist and new to doll-making.  Deck's character description for this particular doll is as follows:  "Viv is not adept at verbal rebuttal.  Her revenge is exacted in ways not so subtle".

 Karen Waschinski showed some of her soft sculpture animals in this show.  Rats are her specialty, and hers are much more fierce-looking than my little girl!

The Home Grown Doll Show continues at Dollirium until July 5th


  1. Oh, wow, those are amazing! Such a lot of work in them.

  2. Fascinating! Feathers made from clay. A fascinator on masses of red hair. A full range of creativity and a fun review!

  3. WOW WOW WOW!!! This i'd love to see in person!! I've always been facinated by art dolls and have made many in my time (majored in mixed media sculptute in college and dolls were my "ting")

  4. Oh "come closer I will listen" is amazing......I want to come closer.
    What truly wonderful treasures........each one effects you in a different way.
    love V

  5. Oh my gawd! I love these! I can't wait for Krista to comment on them! What talent. I love the feisty red head and the evil axe murderer! x

  6. The are absolutely amazing!!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing!!
    Becky :)

  7. These are brilliant, Shelley! The Lana Hicks redhead, The Lovers, and Echo, The Bunnyman are my favourites. And the rats! xxxx

  8. This is a wonderful exhibit Shelley!
    I love the previous post as well, a girl day out is always the best i say!
    Menopause? Yes i know!
    Will talk when you get here!

    Ariane xxx

  9. Thank you so much for introducing me to these! I love them all! My absolute favourite are the Octopi on clouds, madness but so beautifully done. They're all amazing and very inspiring!