Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Tail of Two Ratties

My apartment is now home to two little rodents...

Rat #1 - Fred, whom you've met before, seen here destroying a button that she removed from my pajama top

Rat #2 - Ginger, made from felted wool by artist Rae Stimson

I read about Rae Stimson and her amazing felted creations on the Idiosyncratic Fashionista's blog here.  The Brooklyn-based artist makes fabulous sculptures, animals, and accessories from needle-felted wool, and I fell in love with this little rat, which I named Ginger (to go with know).  She's life-size, and has very similar markings to the other rat in my house.  I did tell Rae when I purchased Ginger that for future reference, rats don't sit up when they eat, they crouch, and sent her a photo of Fred for reference, which she appreciated.

Check out Rae's critters and other creations on her Etsy page.

While Fred and Ginger are similar in size and colour, and share a love of blueberries, the resemblance ends there, and unfortunately the two shall never meet, as Fred would no doubt chew Ginger to bits.
While Ginger spends her days perched atop my computer monitor, Fred has a much more exciting life....

......that includes after-breakfast naps, in which she demonstrates the "if I can't see you, you can't see me" theory

Bobbing for peas before bed.  Interesting fact - plastic paint trays make excellent wading pools for rats

Penguin Bowling is also a pre-bedtime activity.  If you have not played Penguin Bowling before, Fred will now demonstrate how it is done....
   First, you get the Penguins (Pins) and the Snowball (ball) out of the box

Set up your Penguins, and try to keep the damn ball from getting away on you

Line up your shot.  Fred gets to shoot from close to the pins because of her poor eyesight

Take a look to see how many Penguins you knocked down...

....and take your revenge on the ones that remain standing

The End!


  1. Oh I LOVE this so much! I love how much FUN you have with Fred! She is gorgeous. And I love the amazing felted rat too - aren't people CLEVER!

    Sarah xxx

  2. You've ALMOST brought me out of my life-long aversion to rats. I think the bowling is hilarious. I do like the felt one better, though. XXOO

  3. This is so cool! I had no idea you could play with rats! Fred seems such a sweet little guy and your felted rat is so lifelike. What a great lil buddy!

  4. I think rats are cute - I used to have them as pets as well. I love the penguin bowling game too.

  5. I don't like rats!! I even got squeamish watching the Chip Wretched movie with Alvin and the Chipmunks. And they were digital. And not even rats. lolzzzz
    But, you look like you're having fun with them :)

  6. I love rats too. I once rat-sat for a neighbor's pet, "Ralph" and according to her, spoiled him rotten by allowing him to sit on my shoulder or lap all day. He was a pretty intelligent and affectionate creature.

  7. Fred is awesome as is her likeness Ginger. Good to know that they enjoy buttons, peas, and plastic penguins.

  8. Sorry, your Fred is fun, but rats make my skin crawl.

  9. HA! Fred is so cute, but I don't think we could be friends. ;)

  10. Oh Shelley, how adorable! I rather like rats, but since we are a four cat household, any rodent setting foot across the threshold would be doomed... I know they are intelligent and affectionate creatures - I did NOT know they like bowling. You learn something new every day. Fred is a cutie, and so is Ginger! xxxx

  11. Look at that rats playing bowling
    That's hilarious Shelley
    Rats are adorable!



  12. Hmmm, this post has divided your followers into ratophiles and ratophobes. As for myself, I fall into the phobic camp. Give me a cat or four any day!

  13. Oh, so cute Shelley. Now Fred has a partner of sorts, well, in spirit. :)

    Just checked out your links under Having a Bad Day - a couple really made my day. :)

    Thanks for kind comments on my blog re the wee one. Life is good! Xo

  14. Rats AND penguins! Absolutely hilariously entertaining, my dear. Rae Stimson rocks! And 3 cheers to Fred.
    Jean & Valerie

  15. Love this photo series - very fun!! :-)

  16. Tee hee....a lovely rat it.....especially the little chewed penguin.
    love V

  17. Rats freak me out (long story) but yours is rather adorable.
    And in Canada.

  18. Ha, I love the penguin bowling! I used to own guinea pigs and hamsters, but have never owned a rat. I'm sure our kitty Vizzini would eat him. :(

  19. Beautiful! Fred is such a sweetie, so naughty but so cute! Ginger is lovely too, I love felted animals, they have such a nice feel and they look so good xxx