Monday, May 27, 2013

Song of the Wayfarer

Actually there is no song in this post, but there are Wayfarers...

Ray-Ban Wayfarers!   This is the first sponsored post I've ever had on my blog, and I'm kind of excited about it.  The folks at SmartBuyGlasses contacted me (or, more correctly, their ad agency did) to see if I would be interested in doing a review of the process of purchasing a pair of eyeglass frames on their site.  I was given a gift certificate for $150 to use towards a pair of glasses.

 A  closeup of the glasses, and my shiny, sun damaged face (I wear sunscreen, honest..)

 I have a pair of older prescription glasses that are not flattering, which I can't see out of very well, so the timing of this offer was perfect.  SmartBuyGlasses had lots of frames to choose from in every price range, and I spent at least an hour scrolling through page after page of frames trying to decide which ones to get.  I had my heart set on red ones - you can search for frames by brand, shape, colour, gender and price.  One of the difficulties of purchasing glasses online is that you can't try them on, so I decided to stick with a frame shape similar to the shape of my current prescription eyeglasses.

The site provides the measurements of each part of the eye glass frame, along with a chart so you can decipher which part of the frame the numbers refer to.  I compared the size of these frames to the size of my regular prescription glasses to get an idea of how they would fit.  I had originally planned to get prescription lenses put in the frames so I could review the accuracy of buying prescription lenses online,  but unfortunately the copy of my prescription I got from my optometrist was missing some necessary information that I couldn't get in time to be able use the gift certificate before it expired.

Staring at the Sun

After selecting the red Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers I immediately received an email confirming my puchase.  It had been suggested that I choose a pair of frames with a "fast shipping" logo next to them, as they would be received quickly.  The ones I chose didn't have that designation, but I ordered the glasses on the evening of May 22nd, and they were in my hand early in the day on May 24th!  The glasses were extremely well packed, and came in the official Ray-Ban case and box, product information, a branded lens cleaning cloth and a free $25 lens care kit with cleaner, cloth and a mini screwdriver.

1.  Lots of styles of sunglasses and prescription frames to choose from
2.  Competitive pricing - I looked at the same frames on two other online sites and SmartBuyGlasses price was lower than both of the other sites
3.  The ordering process was very easy, and communication regarding my order was fast and     professional
4.  Glasses come with free anti-reflective and scratch resistant coating, and a free $25 lens care kit
5.  Shipping is free, and my glasses were received ridiculously fast, and were exactly as shown on the website
6.  Returns within 7 days, and a 24 months warranty against all manufacturers defects 
7.  SmartBuyGlasses operates a charity program called Buy One, Give One

1.  If you don't have an idea of what you are looking for, you can easily spend hours on the site looking at frames, which can be rather overwhelming.
2.  The main disadvantage is that you can't try them on.  Some frames have a feature that allows you to virtually "try them on", but it's not the same as picking them up off a shelf and seeing what they look like from all angles, and also how they fit.  The Wayfarers are actually a bit heavier than I expected
3.  If you have a complicated prescription, buying glasses online may not be feasible, especially if you require a lot of adjustment with your glasses when you receive them (which I often do)

The Verdict?  

Smartbuyglasses has a great selection of designer sunglasses and prescription frames, at very competitive prices.  Their customer service is very helpful (based on the limited experience I had), shipping is very fast, and I would certainly recommend the site to anyone who is in the market for a new pair of glasses.  In my opinion, it works best if you have a good idea of the size and shape of frame that fits your face.

A big kiss to SmartBuyGlasses and Martin at Switcheroo for the glasses - I love them! (and not just because they match my sweater and my lipstick)

Ray-Ban Wayfarers - Courtesy of SmartBuyGlasses
Sweater - thrifted
patterned jeans - retail (Material Girl brand on sale at the Bay)


  1. O, you look splendid in these! Great shade of red.
    Excellent reviewing, darl!

  2. Damn they are the bestest Wayfarers I've ever seen! I had a tortoise-shell pair from the 1980s with glass lenses but they were two heavy to wear ... along comes 24yo #1 Son and voila, all his 80s retro dreams have come true! xoxoxo

  3. You sexy beast, wonderful to see our Shelley up close and personal! x

  4. I do love Wayfarers, I've got one pair of real ones and a plethora of look-a-likies. I'd love a pair of red ones, they are fab and you look very cool...xXx

  5. So very Risky Business! (Sorry, Wayfarers will always remind me of that movie which was seminal in my childhood). Love the red!

  6. You look fabulous in your Red Wayfarers!!

  7. I like those red wayfarers - congrats on your first sponsored post. I have yet to go there ...

  8. You look wonderful, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. LOVE the bright lipstick too!

  10. Isn't fun! to be asked to do a review and get something cool in return!
    You did an excellent job my friend!
    I was asked to do a post on Simons sweater, i got paid!

    Ariane xxx

  11. You're rockin the RayBans. Great review--you're a natural for sponsored posts.

  12. Red is a great choice and love the shape of the glasses. Great to see you in close-up and congrats on a fab review.

  13. I only ever wear wayfarers. I have tortoiseshell for distance, black ones for reading and classic black frames, dark lens for out side..Many years ago i decided that if it ain't broke don't fix it, so it will be ray bans forever for me.

  14. I love Wayfarers-- except they look terrible on me!!! You look amazing!!! I love them on you. Perfect pick!

  15. I LOVE them - the classic shape is perfect on you and the colour is FABULARSE! You are gorgeous, Shelley!

    Sarah xxx

  16. The sunglasses are the perfect choice for you, Shelley - you look fab, and I LOVE these photos! xxx

  17. Those are fabulous sunglasses.

  18. Shelley, you are rocking the red frames. Way cool and just in time for summer! Luv it.
    Jean & Valerie