Thursday, May 30, 2013

Quote of the Day

This is the last close up shot of me you'll see for some time, I promise...

This is what I wore to work today, and upon seeing me, one of my female colleagues said,
"You look so cute in that hair bow I just want to pinch both your cheeks, but you would probably punch me in the face if I did."

My co-workers know me so well.....


  1. I'd pinch ya,too!
    Reva :)

  2. lol! well, you do look very pinch-able : >

  3. You can put as many close-ups of your gorgeous face as you like - mind you, I think we all know I'd be gunning to squeeze your arse-cheeks for wearing that scrumptious bow! xoxo

  4. Ha, it's good when your colleagues get you! Though I know just what she meant, you do look lovely and pinchable, Shelley! xxx

  5. Keep those close-ups coming, you are gorgeous! I love the sound of your work colleague. xxx

  6. you look really lovely with your hair bow and that turquoise color, and it's great that your colleague knows you so well, that quote made me smile!!
    besos & fabulousness

  7. You know what's cool? You do look cute AND tough at the same time. Perfect.

  8. I love your close ups, i don't mind if you do them on every post
    Your face is lovely and yes that bow is spectacular on you!

    Ariane x

  9. Oh, come now, Shelley. Surely not punch her face in. I've found knee-capping to be much more effective.
    You are gorgeous! Love that bow, and everyone better agree or you know what...!