Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hot Times in the Big Smoke Part 2 - Everything Old is New Again

So, about the Vintage Show.....

Gadsden's Toronto Vintage Clothing Show is held in the Spring and Fall at Artscape Wychwood Barns.  The Barns is a beautiful space that was once a streetcar repair facility and has now been turned into a complex that currently houses artists and their families, non-profit organizations, a community gallery, and a glass-roofed open space used for events like the Vintage show.

The show is run by Gadsden Promotions Ltd., and I had been in contact with Wendy Gadsden who had mentioned how much she enjoyed my review of last Spring's show, and hoped I was able to attend this year.   The show, held on April 14th, featured 29 exhibitors from Ontario and Quebec selling vintage clothing, textiles and accessories dating from the turn of the century to the 1980's.  There was enough variety in prices that there was something for every budget.  I had a great time chatting to, and photographing, vendors and other vintage lovers.  It's nice to spend time in the company of other people to whom you do not have to explain your wild enthusiasm for a bakelite bracelet, a gaudy 80's jacket, or a really beautiful vintage hat. 

 I had just got in the show when I spied this trio of women in their delightful hats. 

 Paige Burchell is a vintage seller and is also in charge of social media for the show.  She took a photo of Megan and I in our matching monocrome for the show's blog, which you can see here

This mother and daughter were enjoying the show, and had obviously dressed for the occasion.  Mom found her bird print skirt at Anthropologie.

If you were looking for a vintage quilt or bedspread, there were some very pretty ones for sale

Vintage sunglasses have become extremely popular, and there were all kinds of shapes and styles on display.  The red and white checked ones in the top right corner don't have arms - they are held on your face by the weight of the plastic rings on cords that hang behind your ears. The black and white checked ones were my favourite.

The sunglasses in the photo above are from Pulver Zajfman (left) and Yank Azman's booth. Yank and his wife, who are regular exhibitors at the show, sell antiques and also rent props for films, television and theatre.  I had met Yank at last year's show, where we had a very entertaining conversation and I was happy to see him again - wearing the same outfit as he did last year!  I purchased the silver straw circle hat you can see on display behind Zajfman's head.

This woman had a bit of a modern English dandy look about her, at least from the back

I'm not opposed to crouching on the floor to get a shot, especially when it includes leopard print booties and tights with a print of what appears to be peacocks perched on columns!  She gets the prize for the most interesting leg adornment of the day.

Another stylish lower half - Isn't the coat pattern amazing?

The rest of her was just as cool

There are men who come to the show looking for vintage tie clips, cuff links, neck ties, and these two dapper gents had the goods and the sartorial smarts to provide good style advice

If only my feet were small enough to fit into these beautiful gold flats....

This young woman drew quite an audience while she was trying on this brocade coat.  The combination of her fiery braids, red lipstick and pinup girl figure made her an irresistible subject for the camera, and conjured the image of a glamourous Anne of Green Gables.

....and here is what she wore to the show.   That coat is an absolute dream!

 The guy in this photo said his wife got him into wearing vintage - initially, when he got the coat he's wearing in the photo, he thought it was "an old man coat".  It certainly doesn't look like an old man coat when paired with cool shoes, a shirt patterned with pink and purple cars, and a snappy bowler!  Their young daughter was with them and was also wearing a fun outfit, but she wouldn't stay still long enough to get her in the photo.

Linens and lace

gorgeous hair, fun colours, and funky pattern mixing!

I thought this woman looked so elegant in her pink suit and matching hat

I saw this woman a few times during the afternoon, first when we were both trying on items at the  same booth.  I thought she looked adorable in this mongolian lamb vest (which she didn't buy).  I later found her trying on a black and red 80's peplum jacket and while we were talking, her friend came up and said, "I can't believe someone bought that bracelet!!  I even hid it under a couple of necklaces!"

It was a rather freaky coincidence that this was the bracelet she was referring to...

 In addition to the lion door-knocker bracelet, purchased from Reflections of Tyme, I also brought home two other items from the same vendor.  Unfortunately, they may not get worn until the fall, now that warm weather has actually arrived.  I might have to photograph them anyway just to show them off!

Thanks to Jeff and Wendy Gadsden for complimentary admission to the show, and their support of my blog.  I'll see you again next year!


  1. I was at the show the last two years but couldn't go this year.

    Thanks for such a great re-cap and all the lovely photos.


  2. Your dress was super cool! I love the people you shared with us and I have to say I'm a bit smitten for that gorgeous redhead trying on that coat. What a great place to just admire individual style.

  3. I can't imagine how wonderful it must feel to be in an environment with so many fashionably dressed people. Thanks for documenting this! I love the hat you bought too.

  4. Ah, nice to see Yank; I met him at the St. Lawrence market.

    The great thing about these shows isn't just the fab goodies - it's seeing all the vintage buffs in their finery. Thanks for the tour and the amazing pics. And you go, girl, for getting that amazing bracelet! xo

  5. What a good looking bunch you've captured! I love the variety of style. And those checkered shades are my favorite too. Love.

  6. oh i would love to be there. everyone looks amazing. the girl with the red plaits is stunning. great find your bracelet. lucy

  7. It's lovely to see gentlemen dressed up too, they all look fantastic. So much to love here, those tights are brilliant, the lady with the red hair is a stunner. You look fab in matching monochrome! Shame the photos on that other blog are so poor x

  8. I am BLOWN AWAY by the amazing style in this post!
    Becky :)

  9. Oh, I adore the vintage style that everyone's working here! I am going to a vintage fair next weekend with friends, and you've inspired me to take some pictures!

  10. Look at all those gorgeously dressed people, you'd be hard pressed to find one here! Love those sunglasses, I'd be having palpitations if I saw them! xxx

  11. Oh my--how freaking fantastic!!! I love everything you took a picture of--and am so jealous we have nothing like that nearby!!

  12. It was a great show. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  13. I can't list all the shots I like in this great post, Shelley, because the comment would go on and on - suffice to say, I love it ALL! But special mention to the gorgeous trio of steampunk-esque ladies, the leopard print boots with fab tights, the amazing sunglasses, the lady in the funky floral coat, the gorgeous gal with the plaits, the dapper men - and your amazing bracelet, of course.
    What a wonderful event, your photos capture the range of stalls and customers beautifully. xxxx

  14. Shelley, this is a great review of a fabulous show. The photos are spectacular and the vintage sublime. I love the black hat with orange feather in the second photo. And the gold flats! I could go on and on, but bottom line, it looks like a heavenly day to me, which of course includes your new bracelet. Yes to photographing the other purchases of the day!