Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beauty School Dropout

According to the fashion press, the big news this Spring/Summer is wearing black and white TOGETHER (imagine?!)  Of course, I, and all the other 40+ style bloggers, knew this already because the Vintage Vixen  spread the word back in March in this post, followed by Bella of Citizen Rosebud in April.  Of course, if you've been following my blog, you KNOW that I am ALL about the trend of the moment (and inserting CAPS wherever possible), so I had to jump on that monochrome bandwagon.  I added a bit of 50's flair with the addition of the colourful neck scarf and my Madge eyeglasses, because I am a such a REBEL!

black and white cardigan - Joe Fresh
Black t - retail
Black and white skirt - thrifted
black riker sandals - retail
scarf -  The Style Crone

Yep, even the undergarments are on trend, cuz that's how I roll....


  1. LOVELY! This means that I will be in FASHION!! I just stocked up on some amazing black and white treasures that I found while thrifting at Myrtle Beach. Gotta love serendipity!


    PS -- I love the rebel in you!

  2. VERY nice!!!!!!!
    Sorry this format won't allow 48 point type with the caps. You'll just have to imagine it.

  3. Squeeeeee! And I've never said that before!

  4. No, no, no. I think it's black and white With Colourful Scarves and Madge glasses that is the Height of Fashion (capital letters also on trend). So lovely!

  5. I think Bella is going to give that trend a new twist!, love black&white with fierce love and love your outfit and that petticoat!!, you're gorgeous!

  6. Wonderful! And SO ON TREND : > Srsly, I love this look, black and white forever.

  7. AMAZEBALLS! I love this outfit, particularly the flouncy skirt and SUPER SEKRET underthings. Whoooo!

  8. I think you'll find I started the trend for black and white back in March! http://vintagevixon.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/monochromatic-madness.html
    Looking fabularse with a splash of colour and a cheeky flash of underlings to boot, Shelley! xxx

    1. Vix, you are so right, and I have corrected my post to acknowledge that you were the monochrome pioneer!

  9. You certainly gave a fresh flavor to an old favorite combo! That skirt is joy embodied.

  10. Love this outfit--black and white together--wow how radical. I swear some of the trendy young OMGFASHUN bloggers kill me at times.
    They think they are so edgy and such doing stuff we old birds have been doing for years!

    The skirt is REALLY stunning and I like the bit of color the scarf brings to the outfit.

  11. oooh flashing yer frillies! Obviously you look fab in black and white but no doubt you've known that for ages and the fashion bitches are just catching up. Love the 50s element to this outfit, very spring like! xxx

  12. Isn't all that trend bullshit hilarious?! Cos no one would think of wearing black and white (TOGETHER! IMAGINE!) if we weren't told by some harridan of a fashion editor that we were supposed to...
    Anyway, YOU look SPECTACULAR in monochrome, my dear, the skirt is such a BEAUTY, and a petticoat flash is ALWAYS a welcome sight! Loving the POP of RED! And the CAPS, they are SO this season!

  13. Love the black and white, Shelley! So excited to see that you added a touch of color with the festive scarf.

  14. I so want that skirt! I hear you are next up for the TYSFS. Woot woot!


  15. This is one of our favorite looks in a long time. You look absolutely terrific.
    Jean & Valerie