Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stuff to Keep Your Attention Until I Finish that Post about Toronto...

I have been trying to write a post about my weekend in Toronto for two weeks now, but life keeps interrupting and it has turned into somewhat of a sisyphean task (thanks to google for telling me how to spell that).  In the meantime, to keep you entertained (and following my blog) , I want to introduce you to three blogs that I have found that never fail to make me feel just a bit better, no matter how crappy the day.   I'm always the last one to the Internet party, so if you've already found these - good for you, and why didn't you tell me about them?

The first is The Bloggess, by Jenny Lawson.  I had mentioned in a post from December that I was reading her book "Let's Pretend This Never Happened", and I have since followed her blog for the hilarious craziness that is her, and her life.  How can you not love someone who has a collection of taxidermied mice wearing costumes, and a cat named Hunter S. Thomcat?  Her blog is also where I find the links to videos that I can't imagine I would ever have discovered otherwise.  Case in point:   Test your knowledge about sloths  The narrator's voice alone is enough to make you forget whatever you were pissed off about ten minutes ago.   Also, if I could dance like these guys, I would just travel the world and break into spontaneous dancing, EVERYWHERE!  I would also like to know if the guy with the ponytail is single, and how can I invite all of them to my next party?

Gratuitious cute puppy photo

This is Gobi, the French bulldog puppy I met in Toronto after leaving the Vintage Show.  I'm assuming he will grow into those ears.  His coat was like velvet and he would make an awesome pillow but I'm guessing he wouldn't be up for that.

Next blog (or more precisely, a Tumblr) may be easier to relate to if you have had kids, which I don't but I still find it enormously entertaining.  Any parent in the world could have probably created Reasons My Son is Crying,  kudos to this guy for finding the time between raising his two boys to do it.  The internet is a happier place (not for his son, unfortunately).

Lastly, a blog I just found yesterday called Humans of New York.   Great photos, witty captions and it's about the people of New York City, so I fell in love immediately, and managed to lose about an hour scrolling through it.   Even if you're not as enamoured with the Big Apple as I am, you will still find a photo on there that will move you, I promise.  Trust me, have I steered you wrong before?

Gratuitous Rat Photo

This is what I come home to every day - she's got weird feet and her teeth could use some Crest Whitening strips, but she's all mine

Hope you're having a good weekend - I've spent most of it at my computer


  1. I don't need any persuasion to keep following your blog, Shelley, but thank you for pointing me in the direction of these blogs, I will check them out. I must say it makes a refreshing change to have different kinds of blogs recommended - I get a little tired of the same old style blogger lists, usually featuring the same people. I'm keen to read and get to know bloggers who write about or take photos of other things besides frocks. (Though I do like frocks too!)
    I'm looking forward to hearing about Toronto, but only when you have time, and there is NO pressure. Seeing that puppy's gorgeous ears is good enough for me! xxxx

  2. Thanks for sharing these links, Shelley. I was chatting to Miss Simmonds less than an hour ago about wanting to find some new blogs so I'll be clicking on these links later this week.
    Give that adorable beast a belly rub from me! xxx

  3. Thank you for sharing. Humans of New York is one of my faves :)
    Love the pics of doggie and ratito!

  4. I've been on HONY for almost a year now and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :o)

  5. shelly,i know hony but the other 2 blogs are new. thanks for sharing. you asked me about bernie's head bands . she doesn't sell on line but if you see something you like let me know.
    talk soon lucyxx

  6. what a cute dog. I wasted a bunch of time last night watching youtudes of cats riding roombas. Thanks for the heads up on some new blogs

  7. Thank you for the new blogs links; I do follow Humans of New York and love every post. I'm sure that you photos from Toronto will be worth the wait.

  8. I listened to Jenny's book on disk on a summer trip (to see Megan Mae actually) and nearly ran my car off the road several times. Highly recommended - but be warned, one chapter made me bawl for 30 minutes...

  9. I totally love Humans of New York. I follow it on Facebook.
    Becky :)

  10. I have been well acquainted with Jenny for many years and HONY are a favourite too but I hadn't seen the Reason My Son Is Crying before - and THANK YOU, that was a good giggle!!!

    Sarah xxx

  11. I bookmarked Jenny's site for later!!
    And the SLOTHS!!! OMG Hilarious!!
    Thanks for sharing these awesome productivity enhancers!!!

  12. I'm off to check out the sloth video to see if it'll help me get over my driving lesson!! xxx

    1. I think that sloth video can make anything better! Sorry your lesson left you needing to watch a sloth video.