Thursday, April 25, 2013

Siberia Is Lovely This Time of Year

A quick outfit post from last Saturday, when it was cold, windy, and yes.....that is snow you see on the ground and making white streaks in the air.  My expression of displeasure is directed at Mother Nature.  It's April already, for heaven's sake.  To quote one of my favourite line of dialogue from the film Moonstruck - "Snap out of it!!"

That wind is effing cold!  I felt like I was dressed as an extra in the film version of War and Peace in leather, faux fur and embroidered jacket

Even my jewellery was fit for an empress

Hat - Manhattan Vintage Show
Faux fur capelet - The Sentimentalist
blue embroidered fur-trimmed jacket - The Sentimentalist
leather pants - Etsy
Lion Door knocker bracelet - Toronto Vintage Clothing Show
my favourite blue boots that you've seen lots of times

Spring, Spring, Where Art Thou Spring?


  1. So cute with your collar up over your nose! C'mon, spring!

  2. You are definitely royalty here thumbing Mother Nature oh so elegantly. I'm afraid to say the s word in case it heads my way.

  3. Well the cold and the snow and the lack of Spring are not so good, but wow, look how incredible you look in response to the bad weather! That is very good indeed! The fur-trimmed jacket is amazing, and your new lion's head door knocker bracelet is a really unusual and interesting piece - jewellery that makes me smile is always a good thing!
    Stay warm and fabulous, Shelley, have a great weekend. xxxx

  4. The FAUX FUR!!!! The BRACELET!!!!
    O, the weather is nuts, we are still having great weather down here. Quite bizarre. The upside of your shitty weather is how totally FABULARSE you look and adorable your grumpiness is! XXX

  5. Despite the shitty weather you look like a movie star! The cobalt blue top and the fake fur are bloody gorgeous on you and I love that door knocker bracelet with a passion (my childhood home has the same knocker!). Stay warm and fingers crossed for some decent weather soon! xxx

  6. That lion bracelet is beyond. The embroidered coat is amazing. The leather pants, the style and cut of those are just too perfect and I love the cuffs-- the cuffs are everything. Very cool outfit.
    Becky :)

  7. That bracelet is so cool!

    Yes, it is a lovely winter we are having this spring : )


  8. Oooo, that embroidered top looks gorgeous! And how perfect to have a door knocker of a bracelet to go with it. Watch out for the Bolsheviks!

    The weather gets more and more bizarre each year - we've had a gorgeous spring, and yet I see snow in everyone's pictures - in April! I hope you get some warmth soon.

  9. You look fabulous regardless of the weather!! love the cobalt blue on you!!

    We are having a NORMAL spring--which we haven't had for so long it feels abnormal-LOLOL

  10. Ha, I love that line, and that flic. Sorry to hear it's so crappy, Shelley. My Mom keeps going on about all the snow and cold across Canada. But you know how it will go: one day it'll be freezing, the next, 30-plus C to stay! I LOVE the lion door knocker bracelet! And the faux fur too .... Xo

  11. Love your take on Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago! (That 1965 David Lean epic was "The English Patient" of our generation.) Wait, is that Omar Sharif racing across the snow covered steppes in his sleigh for a rendezvous? Do tell us how that turns out!
    Jean & Valerie

  12. Love this Siberian or Mongolian look! The jacket is gorgeous, the detail is really regal. The cuff is amazing too. I love it all, but I don't love the weather! Stupid weather

  13. Hattitude Style Blog

    fun to find another london ontario blogger!!! LOOOOOVE your bracelet! your style is so courageous! love it.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  14. I remember the hat purchase like it was yesterday. How stunning it looks with your fur trimmed embroidered jacket. Hoping that Spring greets you soon!

  15. can't express how much I love your embroidered jacket and faux fur capelet and that fabulous booties!, and so lovely that you make us remember Moonstruck, so funny and delightful film!
    you're über glamorous!!

  16. I'm so glad you bought that bracelet! Whoo!! It looks great with the gold thread in the jacket.

  17. OMG it looks so cold!!! Your jacket is amazing and the bracelet is GOOORGEOUS, as are you, always, Shelley.

    Sarah xxx