Monday, April 22, 2013

Missy/Ink Celebrates One Femininely Bad-Ass Year

The cover of Missy/Ink's most recent issue - (photo from Dana Brushette's Facebook page)

On April 15th, Missy/Ink, London's women-centric tattoo/pin-up magazine, hosted a party and fundraiser for Women's Community House at the Nite Owl to celebrate their one year anniversary. The magazine was started by talented pinup photographer, Dana Brushette and model/designer Bella Rouge, who wanted to provide a positive forum for women through the art of pin-up and tattoo culture.  I hoped there would be some stylish folks to photograph, and I was not disappointed.

Missy/Ink Associate Editor/Head of Photography, Dana Brushette, rocking leopard and a fab handbag

Editor in Chief/Head Designer Bella Rouge strikes a pose

I am seriously in awe of (and inspired by) her amazing hair

Bailey Northcott, graphic designer and photographer, gorgeous in black satin and lilac curls

This tantalizing trio of saucy dames prove that black is definitely not boring.  From left to right:  Leah Bradley, stylish/event coordinator for Missy/Ink, Dr. Carlen Costa, one of Canada's leading Sexologists and relationship experts,(and a guest speakers that evening), and Jagoda Hall, owner of Salon Cyan.

The majority of the guests were women, but there were a few guys enjoying the party (and the eye candy), including one gentleman sporting these fabulous two-tone shoes

Bead artist Tammy Brown (aka Mallory Knox) made the tie worn by her friend Joseph, a tattoo artist at Grafic Skin

The two women in the above photo came from Toronto for the party.   They sell vintage clothing and accessories on their etsy site

The couple that wears animal prints together, stays together (we hope)

Hamilton musician and burlesque performer Ginger St. James country/blues, treated the audience to a set of kickass country/blues, accompanying herself on her guitar.  Her sassy gun print dress and cool cowboy boots were the perfect match for her music.

I snapped this photo just before I headed home - what an adorable orange bob!

I did not try the Missy/Ink Cocktail, but I did indulge in a deep-fried mars bar (my first) and it was as deliciously decadent as I had hoped it would be.  With gorgeous dames sporting great style and cool ink, live music, some smart sex talk by Dr. Carlen Costa, and funds raised going to Women's Community House, it was a fun evening for a good cause. 


  1. Oh my gosh, that looks like a fun time! What did YOU wear??

    I have been seriously tempted to do my hair like that, with the high swirl!

  2. I'm with Sheila - we want pics of YOU please! They are all gorgeous - and surely you ROCK that fab do??? When I see this I want to race out and get a million tattoos!

    Sarah xxx

  3. So many great looks, Shelley, such gorgeous women. I especially like the Bella Rouge, and the lady with the blue leather jacket and the tulle skirt, that's a great outfit. The trio of women in black do look hot, and all the leopard print is soooo sexy! xxxx

  4. wouaaa, so much fabulousness, that ladies (&guys!) have a great style, they rock!!!
    thanks for sharing so gorgeous and inspiring pics!!

  5. What fun! That guy's black and white shoes are exceptional, even amid all this beauty.

  6. Gorgeous girls and guys and yes, you would rock that hair do! x

  7. I would have loved this! So many beautiful women in one spot!

  8. Wow--so much awesomeness in one place!! Thanks for sharing these rockin' ladies (and dudes)

  9. Everybody looks so bad@ss!! You get to go to so many cool events. I adore the white skirt/dress that the girl in pic #9 is wearing!!!! WANT! Checking their Etsy shop,
    Becky :)

  10. This was a great night! Thanks for sitting with Joe and I..we enjoyed your company!!

  11. You captured so many interesting looking and stylish people! I wish Seattle had half the amount of style shown here. Nice work, Snaps.

  12. So tempted to get more tattoos now! So many fantastic looking people, I'm rather enamoured of the lilac curls and the orange bob!

  13. Clearly I live in the wrong neighborhood. They look so much more interesting that the folks I usually see. I'm enjoying the tattoo/pinup aesthetic. Very cool.

  14. How lucky that you were there not only to look great yourself, which I'm sure you did even though you are not featured here, but to capture everybody else in their finery. What a fun night!

  15. What a treat. And that lucky gent's black & white shoes? Killa! You go,girl.
    Jean & Valerie