Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Very Derby Easter

A beautifully decorated, and rather delicious, Easter egg cookie made by one of the students in our  Library Science program for a fundraising bake sale

For the most part it was a pretty quiet Easter weekend for me - time spent at home trying to make my apartment look less like the setting for a rummage sale, and quality time with my roommate....

Yes, that would be Fred (or, "The Bun", as she is now referred to)

No snow, so I was able to wear shoes!!! I put on my fave Converse (now made even cooler with shoelaces from Bella at the Citizen Rosebud) and some bright colours on Saturday to get outside and enjoy the great weather.  

I stopped by The Sentimentalist, and snapped a shot of Melinda in her early '50's bowling shirt and vintage sunnies.  The shirt has the name "Howie" embroidered on the front....

...and the name of the sponsor on the back.  Cocktails and bowling go together, don't they?

Saturday night was Roller Derby night at The Western Fair Agriplex.  Our own Luscious Lunch Ladies and Thames Fatales faced off in the first bout of the evening, and then London's travel team, the Timber Rollers, went up against Toronto's Death Track Dolls

The Luscious Lunch Ladies (yellow) and The Thames Fatales (black)

I don't use a flash when I shoot at the Derby Games, so it's a challenge to get any sharp photos of players in motion.  However, this time, because of the longer days, there was actually sun streaming in through the windows of the game venue, which resulted in some interesting photo effects.  "Sad Panda" (in foreground) and the other Fatales Blockers attempt to stop the Lunch Ladies' jammer.

Thames Fatales' jammer, "Kindree Surprise", followed by what seem to be shadow versions of the other players

At Roller Derby, there is often cool stuff to look at besides the game, like these colourful sparkly shoes on one of the little girls playing with the hula hoops during half time.

The merchandise tables have derby gear, including tights, t-shirts, knee socks, and colourful skate laces like the ones in the photo above

Some of the adults are just as good as the kids when it comes to the art of "hula-hooping"

Derby fan in funky pink and black - I wonder where she got her striped arm warmers, as I've been looking for a pair that are nice and long like those

The Lunch Ladies put up a tough fight but in the end The Thames Fatales triumphed

Toronto's Death Track Dolls warm up during the first match.  I couldn't resist taking this shot because of the gorgeous light, which reflected quite nicely off of the red shiny tights!


  1. Yay no snow!!!!!! Chucks rule and I want to change my name to "Howie". The Bun. Oh gawd, could any creature be any cuter? I WANT her!!!!! I need to get my arse to a roller derby death match pronto. I mean really, I wondered where all the awesome people were hanging out!!!! I love the pic effects, those chicks look like killers in their make up. Love!!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. I've always wanted to see a roller derby and to date never have You remind me to keep this on my bucket list. Looks like fun!

  3. Looks like so much fun!! I love the pic of the punk hula hooping! Melinda looks hot in that bowling shirt and those kick ass boots!
    Becky :)

  4. These are fantastic photos. I love how you captured the speed in with those blurs of lights. Very cool! And your last photo. I would also love to visit the Martini Inn. What an awesome crowd.

  5. Legwarmers? Long socks? as arm warmers is a possibility: here in the UK, I see some of the stalls sell long fluorescent socks.

    LOVE the photos.


  6. Allo Shelley!

    I left a comment on Facecook but came back on your blog - the pics are better than on my ipod, this is how i check my Facebook -
    I just love the roller derby people - so many eclectic styles, i would have great fun people watching there
    Love the egg cookie, looks yummy and all for a good cause, perfect!

    Ariane xxxx

  7. Your photography continues to amaze me. The derby shots belong in a 'Roller Derby Museum' if there is such a thing. Love all the color and 'life' in this post. Happy to hear that spring is arriving!

  8. When I was a little girl (1960's) my uncle would take me to see the Bay Area Bombers in San Francisco. They were a roller derby team that had a male team and a female team. I loved going. The photos of the teams skating are awesome.

  9. love your converse, and your funny pics!, inspiring colors and photos!
    besos & springtime

  10. I love the short of the Death Track Dolls warming up. The Timber Rollers were doing the same thing, likely at the same time, but in the hallway. haha. Then we had a dance party.

    Thanks for your continued support!


  11. Amazing action shots, Shelley! Those girls kick some ass and so do you in your cool Converses and Bella-tastic laces! Give Fred a cuddle from me! xxxx

  12. What brilliant photos of the roller derby, Shelley. Loving Melinda's look, and your cool Converse, and tell Fred to turn around, we want to see her cute little whiskery face next time! xxxx

  13. Your action shots are great! And I just love that bowling shirt. I bowl but I still don't have a proper bowling shirt. Damn!

  14. Those photos are really cool. Also if you find arm warmers like that, let me know where. I think need some.

  15. These are killer shots of the roller girls! I love the blurred action of it all! Those Sketchers you posted too funny I just spotted that same pair at Nordstroms in the kids section, they get all the good stuff! The bun looks cuddly and cute and not too chatty. I love the new laces in your Chucks too!

  16. Great action shots!! I love that bowling shirt and it's early 50s, even better! Your converse are very cool indeed. And I love Fred, so fuzzy and cute... The Bun seems to be really appropriate. xxxxx