Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Sunny Day Sweepin' The Clouds Away...."

Surprise! It was a gorgeous sunny day here yesterday - that is the real blue of the sky, no filters or level adjusting in Photoshop... definitely a day to get out and do stuff

Me and my gal pal went for our regular coffee-and-chat at the Western Fair Farmers' Market, which was packed with other sun-starved folks.  I was kind of salivating over this woman's distressed leather boots, so I had to get her photo.  I loved the colourful jacket and marketing basket too.  The boots are about 5 years old, and she said, "if you think these are great, you should see some of my other pairs".     I am waiting for an invitation to scope out her closet.

To my delight, there was a double photo op - the woman in the photo above is the Mother-in-law of the woman in the red boots.  I've never liked to be told that I "look good for my age" and would never say that to someone else, ( I wish that other people would stop saying that - it's not a compliment, even though you may mean it that way) but I hope that this woman doesn't mind me telling the world she's 75.  We need to see real woman, ageing gracefully, and dressing with elegance and style, and she's got both of these covered.   Her beautiful lilac hat is from Prague, and the shape is perfect for her.

I stopped by two new businesses that are now sharing retail space with Uber Cool Stuff.  Took a bunch of photos, found a gorgeous vintage dress, and had an interesting conversation with a guy whose passion is mid-century modern design.   Welcome Heist and Jackpot Vintage to downtown London - photos coming in my next post.

The man with the Blue Steel gaze wearing the lycra "onesie" is Adam.  He's a total charmer with a brilliant sense of humour who sometimes works at The Sentimentalist.  I had dropped by on Saturday, hoping to catch up with Melinda, but found Adam instead, which was somewhat disappointing, but not much, as Adam more than made up for the absence of the Sentimentalist herself by modelling this spiffy lycra bodysuit.   I thought he looked like he should be running behind a bobsled wearing this (with shoes and a helmet of course).  With that athletic inspiration in mind, Adam had to test out the suit's "leap-ability"......

He should be receiving a call from the National Ballet anytime now.  Adam, you're awesome.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Adam turned the camera on me to capture my outfit, which seemed rather ho-hum compared to his.

60's nightgown worn as dress - Space Vintage, Toronto
black long sleeve t - Gap
sleeveless cartoon print shirt - The Sentimentalist
boots - Ecco

And to add to the adventures of the weekend, imagine the "SQUEEEEE" that erupted when I saw the most recent post on The Citizen Rosebud!   Bella's posts are very creative and thought provoking, especially when she addresses topics like body image and aging.  This post is no exception, and when you scroll to the end of the post, you'll find this....

I'm a cover girl!

Rosebud magazine cover mockup design by The Citizen Rosebud.  Forest City Fashionista photo by moi.  Bella, you rock!  Thank you for your ongoing support and celebrating us 40+ dames. 


  1. I love the fabric in the top. i'm looking forward to seeing more photos of the vintage shop lucyx

  2. I saw you on Bella's post!! Congrats! Very cool. Love that woman's red boots and her mom-in-law looks great. Hard to believe she is 75. Adam's leap is amazingly graceful and I'm impressed-- he's way more graceful than me. I'm a total klutz! You look very cute in that cartoon tank and the leather boots.
    Can't wait to see pics about the two new businesses you've found,
    Becky :)

  3. What a fabulous blue photo! In the days of film, I once tried to capture the blue of the sky over and reflecting off Lake Superior. I wanted to take the color to the paint store to match and paint a room in my house. The lovely clerk at the Walgreen's photo counter deemed the photo not to be printed, a wasted, mistake of a click she no doubt I lost my blue. Ho-hum outfit compared to the luger's? I think NOT!

  4. Oh how wonderful to see some blue sky after all the grey!
    I immediately spotted, and coveted, that first woman's boots, and her mother-in-law looks very elegant in her lilac hat. You're right, the notion of "looking good for one's age" is full of negative assumptions about ageing and attractiveness, let's not ever use it!
    Adam is looking as good as a man can look in all-over Lycra, and he does do a fabulous leap! But your outfit is anything but ho-hum, Shelley! Cartoon print, fabularse boots and a vintage nightie? That's worthy of a front cover, for sure! Love that photo of you, a great choice by Bella. xxxxx

  5. One of these days, hopefully before the year is up- there will be a real life magazine called Rosebud, and you indeed would be queue up for a career as a covergirl!

  6. LOVE your style! (Came over from Urban Fieldnotes and bookmarked this.)

  7. Fantastic pics! I love that jacket in the first pic, and the m-i-l looks lovely. I think what is so stunning about mature women and style is that they know what theirs is, and they know how to wear it.

    Adam also knows how to wear his style (love your action shot)! And you are a sassy cover girl yourself!

  8. You deserve to be a cover girl, you rock!
    That blue sky is wonderful, guaranteed to lift the gloomiest spirits. The ladies you snapped and your outfit are all totally wonderful, bet I won't see anything a quarter as fabulous when I nip down to my local market later. Great idea to layer up with a nightie, I'm inspired.
    Adam is hilarious. xxx

  9. Ah, Shelley, I am in envy of your sunshine and blue skies! Here's to looking that good at 75, wow! And Adam looks super fun. I love the cartoon motif on your top, along with your magazine cover in Bella's post!

  10. This is what happens when I leave Adam at the shop! What else did you two get up to? Haha! Adam is a total mensch! You are lookin fab as usual, xoM

  11. I adore the cover girl photo of you on Bella's site! I was so excited to see you amidst roses, of course with flowers in your hair. Shelley, your outfits are never ho-hum!

  12. Oooh Adam looks fab in that amazing lycra number and you are gorgeous as always, Shelley!

    Sarah xxx

  13. love watching so much gorgeousness and great attitude, and amazing people!, and you rock as a cover girl!!!

  14. Love your outfit Shelley!
    Nice what Bella did, i love that pic of you
    Nice when we get the blue skies in winter, but better in summer don't you agree

    Ariane xx

  15. Hello Cover Girl! Those two ladies are fab, the boots and the marketying basket. I need to use my basket more for shopping. Love the other lady's hat, so pretty and perfect with her hair. My friend Paul would love that onesie and pose that same way as Adam too. I love your skirt! You look fantastic. xxx

  16. Love love love the comic book shirt. Also you look lovely on the cover of a magazine. :)