Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stalking the Wild Chinchilla

I took only one outfit photo this week - work is crazy stressful these days, and the day would be over before I realized that I hadn't got a photo.  I was glad I documented this one, primarily for the massively fuzzy bomber jacket I got at Lovesick with a gift certificate I had received for my birthday back in the fall.  A friend of mine said it looked like I had "skinned a muppet".  When I wore it on the bus last weekend, a couple of guys eyed me up and down, and proceeded to discuss my outfit as if I wasn't sitting right across the aisle from them.  The best comment was ".....and she's wearing that chinchilla coat".   While not an expert on chinchillas, I did win a trophy for giving a speech about them when I was in Grade 5, and know that this coat bears not the least resemblance to one.  Their comment has resulted in the coat being henceforth referred to as "The Chinchilla"

The coat is big enough that I can wear a heavy sweater underneath, and the high neck means I don't need to wear a scarf.  

As for what was under the coat - lots of grey with some blue to brighten things up.  A friend picked up some turtleneck sweaters at Giant Tiger for me for $3 each.  They are cotton with a bit of lycra, and seem pretty substantial, and the sleeves are nice and long.  For $3, if they last the rest of the winter they were a bargain!

turtleneck - Giant Tiger
sweater/cape - From Mars
Leather pants - The Sentimentalist
my fave blue boots - Housing Works Thrift Store
silver necklace from the 70's - a trade with a jewellery dealer

Hope you are having a good weekend, despite the shovelling!  I'm off to a clothing swap tomorrow with the hopes of getting rid of more than I bring home.


  1. Whoot!
    Talk about warm and snuggly and totally outrageous!
    The Chinchilla indeed! How bizarre that it was such a talking point! I love LOVE the grey with blue!!! Great colour combo, and that necklace is fabularse!

  2. 'The Chinchilla'!!! Hahaha The coat is clearly exciting! The cut of those pants is fantastic, I'm super into shorter pants right now because I love showing off shoes and the fact that they are leather is blowing my mind! The necklace is very cool!!
    Becky :)

  3. this outfit really suits you. my favourite piece is the cape. is it a designer piece? is mars a thrift shop or a young designer shop?

  4. It would take a whole lotta chinchillas to make that coat, so I'm rather glad it isn't REALLY chinchilla, just pretending to be! (It shows a terrible tendency towards anthropomorphism, but I always think chinchillas look very sad, or maybe it's just the ones in our local pet shop. They are homesick, I reckon...)
    Anyway - the coat is fab, the men on the bus were rude, your hair is deliciously bright, your leather trousers are rockin', and your necklace should, I think, be MINE!
    Stay strong at the clothes swap, Shelley, stay strong...! xxxxxx

  5. Whenever I wear my blue fake fur I get asked if I've skinned a Smurf. Lame attempts at humour are the same the world over!
    I love that jacket and that you did a speech about chinchillas. Now we've seen how cute you were as a kid I can just imagine you doing that!
    Those patent boots are too cool and I'm dying over your pendant! x

  6. I adore the high-collar pic! Fun fur FTW!!! That is a gorgeous necklace too, and the blues and greys.

    A young woman standing right next to me on the subway once pointed and laughed - though she was speaking a language I did not understand, that part was hard to miss. Such are the ways of appearance-policing and social sanctions against non-conformity, and also street harassment - men's deliberate attempts to make women uncomfortable in public spaces. People are bizarre! At least your coat got a great name.

    1. I think the appearance police are insecure, uncreative, non-conformist wannabes. I always told my four daughters as they were growing up (and now my grandchildren) that when people make fun of others, it is THEIR own insecurities that are being revealed. I hope that my words made a difference to them and gave them strength to deal with the constant harassment that two of them have dealt with their whole lives.

  7. Gosh, that coat looks warm. I'm sending thoughts of heat and no more snow to all my friends in the Northeast. I felt kind of guilty having lunch on the patio of my fave Mexican place yesterday. Stay warm, wear the Chincilla with pride.

  8. Fantastic jacket, stupid rude people... grrrr. I love your hair too. I also love the fun futuristic industrial look that you do so very well xx

  9. Skinned a muppet - that's great!!! I just love that sweater/cape, and the gray with blue is lovely.

  10. As I scrolled down I was particularly enamored with the flash of green against your blue boots!! A delightful surprise. The jacket is fun and I have to believe it feels soooo good when it's cold. Oh, and if you ever feel like...oh, you know...maybe letting go of that necklace? Um, could we talk? Outstanding.

  11. How great is your hair with the amazing high neck! Perfect for the weather and helping you ignore rude and ridiculous comments. Blue is a great color on you, with your hair, the silver jewelry and those amazing boots that I remember from our NYC adventure. What a find!

  12. Love the jacket - remember them being called "chubbies" in the late '70s & early '80s. Whole outfit is great, especially the sweater-cape!

  13. I am going to be checking out my local Giant Tiger (they call it "The GT Boutique" around here!) for those turtlenecks. Your blue with the grey is gorgeous and I also want to say how much I love your new hair colour. It works big time!
    jill in Ontario

  14. Love the chinchilla!!! And the leather pants and the blue and the fabulous necklace. You are always gorgeous, Shelley!

    Sarah xxx