Friday, February 22, 2013

Out, Damn Blues!

I have been set upon by The Winter Blues, which are an annual visitors, arriving around mid-January, and making themselves at home until well into March.  Some years they are more draining than others, depending on how much energy I have on hand to fend them off.  So, following my wise and departed friend Helen's advice, I made a point of looking for the fleeting moments in the day that made me smile....

There is a secondhand shop right by my bus stop and they have a store cat that likes to sleep by the front door.  They put a cushion on the floor for him to sleep on and his "all is right with the world" napping position just begged for a photo.  Apparently the pink pads on a cat's paw are referred to in some cute-obsessed circles as "Toe Beans".  If you watch The Big Bang Theory, you'll know what song immediately came to mind...

"Soft kitty, warm kitty
little ball of fur
sleepy kitty, happy kitty
Purr, Purr, Purr"

After a particularly grueling week at work, I came home on  Thursday to find an actual ...parcel in my mailbox.  As I am one of those people who still gets paper bills by mail, getting something other than an envelope from Bell, Rogers, or London Hydro was worth celebrating.  It was from the ever-so-lovely Sarah Misfit....

It was wrapped in tissue from a Butterick dress pattern; creative, and environmentally conscious,  Sarah is!

Inside - a very cool book about a little rat who lives in a bookstore, and discovers that by eating books, he is able to read.  I'm not sure I'm going to start feeding Fred pages of my personal library, but it looks like a delightful read; two photo postcards by Miss Misfit herself, and a lovely flower brooch in a cute little box.  Sarah, your timing was perfect, and thank you, for ending my day on a high note.

This is what I was wearing that day.  The sweater dress was thrifted, and I wear it a lot in the winter as it is warm and layers really well.  I accessorized it with red, plaid, and silver, flat hair, and my best attempt at a smile. 

sweater dress - Value Village
turtleneck - Giant Tiger ($3!)
plaid leggings - The Bay
frilly slip - thrifted
Neosens ankle boots - From Mars

I am having a girl weekend with a good friend that is hopefully going to include good food, cocktails, shopping, and maybe even some dancing, so those blues can just go **ck themselves!


  1. Cast your blues into the wind! They're only a bookmark for better days to come.
    I'm in a state of waiting too. Waiting to get past this in-between stage. I'm trying to be patient but it's hard sometimes. Today I thrifted which helped. I need more sunshine and longer daylit hours. Evenings when we can hear lawnmowers running after dinner. Now that is uplifting! And so is your outfit today. ;) How did you like my lead in for that one? lol

  2. I love that you have things From Mars. It's a store right? You don't have things dropped on you from outer space (although, that would be so cool)

    PS: I'm not that stupid, I know it's a store

  3. February is a drag, but you got some great things to cheer you up there. I love cats in that kind of pose!!!! Squee!!

    Spring is just around the corner!

  4. TS Elliot was wrong, it was April that was the cruelest month, it's endless, grey and depressing! Hoorah for parcels of joy from the goddess herself and boots from Mars! Love that kitty and your style! xxxx

  5. Love your sweater dress - I am still looking for that perfect one! How lovely of Sarah - isn't it nice how our blogfriends chase the blues away?

  6. Yes, I know what you mean about the winter blues. Mine come in February. Not every year, but sometimes I think I get a double dose to make up for lost time. The thing is, there is nothing wrong. It's just... well, who knows what it is. One too many winter days? Dunno. But thank goodness it does pass. Clothes always help and finding bargains, and friends, and of course, adorable photos of cats.

    Rosemary of

  7. The winter blues are a real drag, but that outfit portrays a gorgeous woman dressed creatively with a pose that would stop traffic. How lovely that Sarah's thoughtful parcel arrived to brighten your day. Hope that the blues lift soon, Shelly.

  8. Soft kitty, warm kitty ... Oops, I got caught up in the mo, I love that show. :)

    Sorry to hear you have the blahs, but how nice to receive such thoughtful gifties in the post from far away. And you look great; I love the sweater dress with the slip peeping out. You look warm and cosy yet oh so chic. Have a wonderful time with the gals!

  9. Ah Shelley, I'm sorry you have the blues. The strategy of looking for something to make your smile is a good one, and no one could resist that gorgeous ginger cat showing his beans!
    Blog buddies are also a great source of good cheer, and Sarah's lovely gifts were obviously very well timed.
    You may feel down, but you look wonderful, love the sŵeater dress with the tartan leggings. Hope the girlie weekend has been good fun and has kicked those blues to the kerb! xxxx

  10. What great stuff to get in the mail - that would lift anyone's spirits!!
    Great outfit, and if cats can't show us how to relax I don't know
    what can... BTW, still get the paper bills in the mail myself! :-)

  11. The blues have got me too this winter and they're so difficult to shift. Keep focusing on happy things and seeing people and hopefully time will fly and it'll be Spring. You look great in your cosy sweater dress and those amazing tartan tights with the little ankle boots! Xxx

  12. POOS to the BLUES! It's hard not to get a bit down near the end of a long, long Winter. Cats are just the ticket to make a gal smile! I adore toe beans, incidentally, and frequently annoy my cats by playing with theirs.
    Sarah is a GEM. Fabularse timing! That book looks so sweet! And the brooch! DIVOON!
    it won't be long before we'll need encouraging words to get US through the Winter, I'm sure!!!

  13. nothing better than a parcel of joy to cheer up your day, so lovely Sarah!
    And I'm loving that plaid leggings and that frilliness poking out your knitted dress, you looks ready to fight any blues!!
    besos & springtime

  14. Big BIG hugs lovely Shelley - I'm so glad you liked your parcel. You look absolutely gorgeous in this beautiful cosy outfit (LOVE the red) and I hope the blues disappear STAT!

    Sarah xxx

  15. It's hard this time of year! I know ! i have been having for 2 weeks now, congested to the bone i think!
    But it will pass like your blues
    Nice gifts you received Shelley
    Love your outfit, true Shelley!

    Take care

    Ariane xxx

  16. I'm glad Sarah sent you a bit of her sunshine- what a treat! Give your kitten a scratch behind the ears for me. And yourself a big hug.

    Love the tartan tights!

  17. Wonderfully composed outfit but oh my!! I love those tights.