Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Trifecta of Cool

The space located at 122 Dundas Street already had its cool factor elevated significantly when Chris McInnis and his store, Uber Cool Stuff, moved in last summer, but for the next three months, the address has tripled the "cool" with the addition of Jackpot Vintage, and Heist.  Fans of the Metropolitan Artisans' Market (R.I.P) will remember Jackpot Vintage, for their fun knickknacks, and vintage clothing all at reasonable prices.  Heist, which has a store in Wortley Village, offers a mix of mid-century modern  and modern industrial, in furniture and home decor.

 The new signs in the front display window at 122 Dundas Street

I had a great chat with Paul, the owner of Heist, about some of the furniture he carries in his store, including the baby blue reproduction Herman Miller rocker on the shelf next to him.   Turns out we know a number of the same people, proving once again what a small town London really is.

 I've always had a soft spot for the 50's Philco televisions like the one in the photo above

These painted slide carousels that have been made into mirror frames would be a funky addition to any room

In addition to vintage pieces, Heist also carries vintage-style reproductions, like this italian leather lounger with matching ottoman, by Pink and Brown, the company that also makes the repro Henry Miller rockers.

 It was nice to see Jackpot Vintage with a downtown location again.  This display of colourful men's shirts fit in nicely with the furniture from Heist

In addition to clothing and accessories, Jackpot Vintage also had some vintage kitchenware such as the canister set and  kitschy salt and pepper shaker sets above.

This straw bag and embroidered sandals made me yearn for summer

As much as I wanted to try this satin and crocheted dress, I exercised self-restraint as the price was over my budget, but I did find a very pretty spring dress at a reasonable price.  It's being shortened, but I promise to post a photo after it comes home with me.

I had to pay a visit to Uber Cool Stuff to see what Chris had added since my last visit there, and was totally enamoured with these resin and marble "Roller Stops", designed by Harry Allen.   They would make an excellent gift for that roller skating fan in your life!

Stop by 122 Dundas Street in the next three months and and check out the trio of cool.
Hours - Tuesday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm
Saturday 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday and Monday closed


  1. Oh god!! If I was there shopping I'd have to buy the record player!!!! I love seeing these shops pop up and your neighborhood sure seems to have some great shopping too. I want to spend a day in "trio of cool" soon!

  2. Such a cool little shop! Proud of you for resisting that satin/crochet dress-- it looks amazing. Can't wait to see what you did get!! I think I have some of those old slide canisters and that is a cool up-cycle!
    Becky :)

  3. What an amazing record play - I've never seen one like that before! But I think I'd be after that straw bag if I was there.

  4. Wow! I want one of those TVs! That dress is stunning and so are those skates, in fact it all is, I could lose hours in there. x

  5. Lots of cool stuff to ooh and ahh at, Shelley! The TV and record player are fabulous, and the mirrors made out of slide carousels are a great idea. You did well to resist the lure of that beautiful dress, and I am looking forward to seeing what the one you are having shortened.
    How great to see small independent businesses opening up, I hope they do well. xxxx

  6. I love those places but they can be pricy sometimes
    Love that lace dress too bad it was too pricy for you and excellent that you resisted puchasing it
    The Tv is so cool, don't see them to often these days

    Take care Shelley

    Ariane xxx

  7. hm,,,,I still have vinyl, need that stereo

  8. Great review Shelley. It's exciting when new shops move in with interesting pieces, even if they serve as 'eye candy' and don't go home with you. The embroidered sandals caught my eye and I'm sure you will too, when you show us the new dress that you bought at Jackpot Vintage.

  9. Ah, I love it when a synergy occurs with retail shops so that a clump of cool places open up near eachother. This looks like thee spot to shop!

  10. I am totally in love with the globular record player, it's just so gorgeous. I want it. These shops look really fantastic s

  11. Now this is a really cool space. I bet you pay a bit more but there is less rummaging around to do. Those skates are cool and make me miss my glittery gold ones:)