Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Petticoat Junction

I am sure that in the future, some blog-archivist is going to be reviewing blog posts from 2012 and wonder what the heck was up with all the flashing of slips, petticoats, and undergarments in general, by, (horror of horrors!) women OVER 40.  Apparently, at some point in the last 12 months, all sense of decorum went out the window....about time, I say!

I am pleased to be in the company of these other sassy dames flashing their fancy underpinnings:
Sarah Misfit

I like to think that my frill-flashing in the photo above was to add some length to a sweater dress that was just a wee bit short to be work appropriate.

When you're wearing lacy ruffled undergarments, it inspires you to do silly poses. I'm sure the people on the staircase below me were having a good gawk.  Yep, my butt is still there.

and the obligatory swish, showing off my fave print leggings

I'm wearing:
sweater dress, vintage half-slip, and belt - all thrifted
leggings - H & M
blue ankle boots - Housing Works Thrift Store
pink leather cuff - From Mars
Resolution for 2013 - more petticoat flashing!  I'm sure that Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo and Billie Jo would approve


  1. I don't think it's fair that you ended up on the cutting room floor!! C'mon, admit it, you were Barbi Jo!! You got way too much petticoat pizazz to keep it hidden all these years. I think I'm going to have to try it myself. Can I be Bonnie Jo?

  2. What frilly fun! I love the tights too.

  3. Fabulous petticoat! Omg I love those leggings.

  4. LOVE IT! Funnily enough! I will be posting later on this evening, and there is a wee petticoat flash included, because It's The Law! So I'll pop in a link to this post, if that's OK, since you have been kind enough to give me a mention. I love the arse flash photo, that really made me chuckle, Shelley!
    What a great idea, to add some length but with extra pzazz. The leggings look fab too.
    I am not familiar with Petticoat Junction (had to have a quick look on Wikipedia) but that last pic is great. Can I be Busty Jo? Or is that role reserved for Helga?! Hurrah for Over 40s Being Bonkers! xxxxxx

  5. You like to think that wearing that slip was to add length... Your photos busted you! LOL Clearly, that slip is waaaay to much fun to be merely functional. Cool tights. Awesome shots. This ensemble was made for you. And love your toe cave footwear! London must give you a key to the city.

  6. Cool outfit - I love the combo of the frills and the boots. You have inspired me to restart my quest for a frilly petticoat!

  7. Hilarious! I forgot the names of the women in Petticoat Junction. I love that show and remember the theme song fondly. ;)
    I love this style on you. Makes me think of Madonna in the 80's.

  8. I too have been caught up in the flashing of knickers why just ask Curtise what I flashed her on my recent trip the UK, it was downright dirty! I really like your style, this outfit is flirty and fun and you totally own it!

  9. I love your second photo, those blue boots with your tights, what-will-they-make-of-us-in-future, and how you honour your fabulous inspirations! Marvellous post!

  10. I love your tights and their asymmetric color patterns! And the petticoat is the perfect way to style that sweater.

    Were you singing, Lots of curves, you bet, even more when you get to the junction?

  11. The flashing of petticoats is an activity that should happen more frequently, based on your spectacularly wonderful facial expressions and poses. I love the combination of sweater dress and vintage slip and the print leggings add such great color. Brava!


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  13. You are so funny! Yes more petticoat this year, i should get mine out

  14. My dear i love your wicked abandon... makes me want to get mine out and do a twirl! Thanks for the happy inspiration my dear!!

  15. You are so funny madonna !

  16. I want to be like you when I grow up. Is that weird to say?

  17. Yay for petticoat flashing! I say we need to do it even MORE! You are gorgeous Shelly - I love this fab outfit - practical and comfy but also funky and and fun and so YOU. The tights are fab and the boots rock - and YOU ROCK!

    Sarah xxx