Sunday, January 20, 2013

London Britches Falling Down

Last night, Londoners were offered the opportunity to see "a tribute to Dr. Seuss' naughty side" when DeMure Productions brought the third annual "London Britches Falling Down" Burlesque show to Call the Office.  The show featured performances by such lovelies as Mz Kitty DeMure, Red Herring, Tahitia Belle Fille, Miss Helvetica Bold, and Bianca Boom Boom, with comic relief from the Mansfield Brothers, and performances by local rockabilly/swing band, The Hi-Tones.

It had been quite a while since I had seen the Hi-Tones play, and they have acquired singer Dana Hartman, who brought some sassy stage presence to the mix.  She did a stellar job with Wanda Jackson's song "Fujiama  Mama"

Guitarist Paul Wickerson and Bass player Stephen Heighington roll out the rhythms

We were not allowed to take photos of the performers on-stage (nudity and all that), but I was able to get this shot of the first performer, Tahitia Belle Fille, in her army-inspired outfit during intermission. Aside from routines inspired by Green Eggs and Ham and The Lorax, it seemed quite a stretch to mix Dr. Seuss and Burlesque, and I think the Burlesque suffered somewhat for it.  My cold was getting the better of me, so I left after the first half of the show, which meant that I missed The Cat in the Hat.

These dapper gents are the Mansfield Brothers, who performed a number as the Seuss character, The Lorax and a tree, that did not involve the removal of any clothes.

 While the rest of the audience was in the main room watching the Hi-Tones, this couple took advantage of the empty floor space near the bar to have their own private dance party

"Hello Katie" was selling raffle tickets

There was a whole lot of leopard print in the audience

Apparently although leopards are mostly solitary creatures, when they do come together in a group, they are called a "Leap".  This is definitely a Leap of Leopards.  My apologies to the ladies in the back whose heads were cut off.  It was very dark and my eyes are not what they used to be.

There were some great shoe shots to be had.....

 Provided one was willing to get down on the floor to get them

We asked our friend Paul to take a photo of Heather and I, just to prove we were there.  The Warhol Banana t-shirt seemed appropriate for the occasion.


  1. Looks like a fun night out with some very well-dressed folk in attendance - including your rock chick self, Shelley! Love the va-va-voom khaki dress, and the leopard print tights with turquoise stilettos. And your friend Heather's coat is stunning!
    Sorry you felt increasingly unwell - take care of yourself. xxxxx

  2. Wanda Jackson! Hmm, Dr. Seuss would be odd! I love the leopard-print audience and as always, deeply appreciate a shoe-report. I hope you're already feeling way better!

    P.S. I had a Velvet Underground & Nico T (the white with yellow banana) when I was 19, wore it to shreds, thanks for the fond memory!

  3. The Blue Heels--an amazing photo that should be enlarged and framed.
    jill in Ontario

  4. Yes, that shirt is perfect. And so are your sexy pants!
    What a stage show that must have been. Love looking at the fancy musical instruments too. And those hairstyles and leopard print!! Wow, how fun that must have been.

  5. Cool chick you are! Perfect event! I wish i was single sometimes! Anyhoo!
    Love, love the green shoe pic, brilliant!

  6. What a fabulous night!!! You looked vbery hot rock n roll, madam!!!
    Love a spot of burlesque!

  7. Looks so fun! I love the 'leap of leopards" and the leopard tights with heels at the bar shots--- and you with your tee and leather pants!

  8. What fun!! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  9. Yeah, the one w/ the blue heels is cool and smokey. Great shots.

  10. You look rocker chick glam, Shelley, and I'm with Curtise as I'm crushing on Heather's coat!

  11. Great shots- especially the shoes! The evening looks like it was quite the fun time.

  12. you look like the most amazing and original person there and there were a lot of cool people at that place. Some gorgeous shoe and leopard print shots and those two Gents are very dapper chaps indeed. The idea of mixing Dr Seuss and Burlesque seems mad! cc

  13. Great photo's! Thank you for covering the show, hope you enjoyed our new sound. We have shared this on our Facebook page.