Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Festive Dressing

I left my camera at home when I went to the market to pick up dessert for Christmas dinner, thinking that no one would be dressed up on Christmas Eve day.  Of course, that would be when I run into these two guys, and rather than let them get away undocumented, I settled for a crappy photo taken with my camera phone.  My apologies, guys - I'll get you with my real camera next time.


  1. How cool are they?
    Too funny, I thought that when you left your camera at home these two characters found your camera while rummaging in your empty home and took a photo of themselves and left it for you. Not a very great job of guarding on the part of that little rat of yours!

    That would be creepy though wouldn't it? If you left your camera at home and when you got back there were strange photos of what went on there while you were gone. I hope I'm not freaking you out, I've watch way too many Twilight Zones. But it would make a great theme for a movie.

    Yay for Wine With Everything!! Literally too. ;)

  2. Oh, totally too good to pass up - fantastically festive red vests, and stupendous pants! Love the similarities and differences between them.

  3. Why is it these guys look so familiar?? Are they actors or something?? hmmmm Especially the guy on the left. Eerily familiar....

    1. They look like an older version of Jedward to me.

  4. Bloody HELL, those are some fine specimens of manhood!
    I must show G, he's gonna love their attire!

  5. I so wish more men would get with actually dressing - rather than just throwing on jeans and a ratty sweatshirt! Glad you had a phone camera anyway. Too good to miss.

  6. Wow, how come nobody dresses like that in my neighborhood? I love it.

  7. Now how totally cool ARE these guys! This is not a common sight here in of socks with Birkenstocks according to my New York State sister inlaw :-)

  8. They look fabulous! I knew Helga's G would approve! xxx

  9. Wow! Terrific shot of a very stylish duo.
    Jean & Valerie