Sunday, January 27, 2013

Derby Derby Bang Bang

It was a Roller Derby weekend, with a double header at the Western Fair Agriplex on Saturday night. Having divided my week between work and going home to bed, by the time the weekend came and I was feeling a bit better, I was ready for some fun.  This, of course, called for an outfit.

I was cheering for the Luscious Lunch Ladies, whose team colours are blue and yellow, so having nothing in yellow, I made do with black and blue, which is a rather apt colour combination for roller derby.  I was happy for an excuse to incorporate the vintage nightgown I got in Toronto in November into an outfit.
pleated nightgown - Space Vintage in Toronto
sequined t-shirt - clothing swap
printed leggings will get a post of their own later
blue boots - Housing Works Thrift Store, New York

It seems that fewer people are dressing up to attend the Derby games this season.  It could be because it's winter, and being warm takes priority over fun outfits, but I miss the cool outfits from past seasons.   I did like the leopard sweater and teal pencil skirt on the woman in the photo above, taking advantage of the hula hoops at half-time.  She had her hair done in a vintage-y style too, which you can't really see here.

The seemingly 8 ft. tall woman in the photo above goes by the name of Bloodlust Barbie on the track.  She is creating a line of derby wear called Derby Derby Bang Bang, and some of the players were wearing tights from the line, similar to the ones she's wearing. 

 Those are definitely NOT the shoes I remember Barbie wearing when I was a kid...

 The Luscious Lunch Ladies trumped the Thames Fatales, 218 - 118, in the first game where the two teams have played against each other (the announcer described it as "sista against sista") in the new team makeup.  The newly formed Forest City Travel Team, aka The Timber Rollers faced off against The Tri-City Plan B and were the victors in the second bout, which I missed, as my voice and body gave out by the end of the first game.  (Thanks to Dollface Massacre for the update)


  1. The Timber Rollers for the win! It was a fun and super exciting game. Look out for the Forest City Derby Girls this year! Great things are going to happen.

    Thank you for your continued support!


  2. I def like Bloodlust Barbie!! I like your vintage nightie a lot!! I have one I've been trying to wear-- maybe layering it will help :)

  3. I still haven't been to our local roller derby, but I hear it's fun. The hula hoops look like fun, too. I used to be quite a good hooper back in 6th grade. I bought a hula hoop a couple of years ago for exercise, and I can still do it, but it hurt my knees. There's a lot of twisting going on there!

    Love your outfit and the flowers!

  4. The blues and the red scarf are gorgeous on you! Glad you're getting out and about as you continue to recuperate.

  5. Woohoo, Derby time!!! You're looking perfectly rocking too, love blue and black, and those funky mismatched tights are awesome!
    Taht lass does look 8 feet tall!Bloody hell!
    It is likely the cold that's put people off dressing up, it's a shame really, but I do understand to a certain extent! It takes me ages to get used to having to wear a dozen layers of clothing each Winter!

  6. Surely, derby is so fun during weekends. I like the thought of putting up a mismatched leggings. So Creative!

  7. What a fun time! How does that girl walk in those darn shoes? I would be 6'2" if I wore those.

  8. How can you look so good when you feel ill? Thank goodness you are still dressing up for roller derby, what's wrong with these women that don't? A wasted opportunity!
    That girl's got the longest legs in the world, I love her boots! x

  9. Bloodlust Barbie's boots are amazing but how-oh-how does she walk in them? And she really does look 8ft tall, and that's just her fabulous legs!
    You look great, Shelley, and not at all ill! Love the flowers, and what a great way to get full use out of the vintage nightie - I might have to pinch that idea... Loving those mismatched-legs leggings too.
    Hope you feel fully recovered very soon. xxx

  10. Those shoes are fun to look at but I could never wear those! My knees would be black and blue from falling for sure.
    I love your outfit you put together here and seeing your great hair color up close. It's hard to see that in other photos so I hadn't really noticed it before. Always good to find a reason to dress up after we've been sick. I crave color around those times too! I need some boots like yours!

  11. Thanks for all your love and support FCF!

  12. Fabulous hat Shelley! The close up reveals the beauty of the blossoms and you. I love how you creatively chose the sheer of the nightgown to accompany your ensemble. You must have been the hit of the Roller Derby.

  13. What a wonderful show stopper you are, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. your skirt and mismatched tights are amazing!! You look awesome. The tall lady looks very cool indeed, love those leggings, bet Desiree's got her eye on them! xx

  15. Oh, that's me! Haha!

    I loooove derby, and I try to dress up a little (or at least do my hair) when I go!

  16. You look fabulous. I especially love your hair!

  17. Another great close up of you!
    God woman you are good looking and photogenic! You know that right?
    Love love your outfit, are these tights or socks?

    Ariane x

  18. Those are fucking BLACK MILK >.<
    Do not rightfully claim the designs of someone elses as your own!

    1. They aren't, they are Derby Derby Bang Bang. Although I see your point that the material is very similar, they are indeed different. :)

  19. Those flowers are definitely creating a cool Frida vibe. Gorgeous! And your different-patterned tights are excellent - I thought they were deliberately mismatched thigh-highs. Great styling of the nightgown too.

  20. BANG BANG! Love your hair flowers and skirt and those fabularse TIGHTS, Shelley! Sure wish you and I could smash some roller derby together. You are GORGEOUS!!! Sarah xxx