Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Island of Misfit Dolls

I had missed the last two shows at the Dollirium Art Doll Emporium so I made a point of getting to the one currently on display titled "The Island of Misfit Dolls",  featuring the creations of artists from 7 countries.  I am always amazed at the creative leaps taken into the dark side by these artists when they set out to create a doll or sculpture.   The majority of the dolls are sculpted from clay or clay, painted, and decorated with hair or fur and other materials such as wood, fabric and metal. 

As this show runs through the holidays, there was a Christmas theme to some of the works, such as the ornaments created by Dollirium owner, Jacqui Gallant.  This Jack Frost ornament was one of my favourite pieces.

Other seasonally-themed pieces were the "tree toppers" that were a cool and somewhat creepy alternative to the classic angels and stars. The one above is by Michelle Di Pinto.  

I could totally dig a Christmas tree topped with this doll, created by Michelle Lynch

This elaborate doll was created by Kelly Chehardy

Detail of "Kandi",  another doll created by Chehardy

Another of my personal favourites - "Rotunda Ring Master" by UK artist, writer and trapeze artist Romina Berenice Canet

One of the darker (literally and figuratively) dolls in the show, "Jaclyn" by Michelle Lynch

I loved the delicate beauty of the face of the "Bird Head Girl" by Japanese artist Bubu Kawaguchi

"Louise" by Alexandra Soury

"Island of the Misfit Dolls" continues at Dollirium Art Doll Gallery, 1 Cliftonvale Avenue, until February 2, 2013.  Gallery hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 11 am - 7 pm


  1. Fantastic! The more twisted the better! Sarah xxx

  2. Oh, they are amazing! Thank you for sharing

  3. I would love to see that in person. That you for the pictures.

  4. Viewing these pieces of art is a wonderful way to spend time during the holidays. Your photos are great!

  5. Wow! They are gorgeous, creepy but beautiful. I'd love to see that exhibition.x

  6. Thanks for sharing!! As someone who's made art dolls, i totally loved the creativity these artists expressed!!

  7. How cool! Love them all (like I wouldn't)

  8. They are quite beautiful, aren't they? Delicate and pretty yet dark and sinister and freaky too. A good combination, and a great exhibition! xxx

  9. Thanks for the glimpse of your adventure. Fascinating!

  10. Ooh these are truly creepy - grotesque and beautiful at the same time. I like the circus themed one a lot.

  11. Very Nightmare Before Christmas! Tim Burton would love them.
    Jean & Valerie