Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Calls Are Coming From Inside the House!

Yeah, I know....this is not exactly a "feel-good" post for the holiday season, but it is nonetheless, seasonally appropriate, and was inspired by the guilty pleasure of watching the Canadian horror film, Black Christmas on TV the other night. 

I am not a fan of slasher flicks like Halloween or other similar gore fests, but for some reason I have a soft spot for Black Christmas.   The film was released in Canada in 1974, and was one of the first, if not the first, slasher movie, and many directors and writers have since gone on to borrow heavily from the plot devices of the film.   It was filmed in Toronto and directed by Bob Clark (who went on to direct the holiday favourite "A Christmas Story with Ralphie and his Red Rider BB Gun), and featured actresses Olivia Hussey, Margot Kidder (who went on to play Superman's girlfriend) and Andrea Martin, who would later shine as a member of the famed Second City comedy troupe.  The plot was simple - a group of young women living in a sorority house are terrorized by a demented serial killer who picks them off one by one and follows up each murder with an incredibly creepy telephone call.  It's cheesy, and is chock full of what have since become classic slasher film cliches.   The 1970's clothing is pretty awesome, including the gorgeous fur-trimmed coats.

This was the original poster for the film, which I remember from my high school days, especially the tag line...

I decided to put together a Black Christmas-inspired outfit to brave the cold and bitter wind yesterday to run errands that included some fur, and my ass-kicking boots.
50's hat - The Sentimentalist
sweater and boots - From Mars
leather and fabric leggings (a winter staple) - Danier leather
scarf and fur vest - Mesh Consignment boutique

So far it looks like we'll be having a grey/green Christmas here, unless there is an unexpected dump of snow before Tuesday.  I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday, with good food and good company!


  1. Wow, that coat and sweater and scarf! I love it. Ha! That movie sounds like fun-love cheesy movies.

  2. I am not really a horror film fan either, too much of a wuss to cope with being scared! And I have never heard of Black Christmas, though I love that poster!
    You look amazing in that long fur waistcoat and leather leggings, Shelley. The blend of rock chick with kickass boots topped off with a ladylike 50s hat is brilliant!
    Happy Christmas to you, hope you enjoy some good food and wine with good company. xxxx

  3. The food is certainly one of the best things that comes with this holiday. I've had plenty already!
    This outfit is perfectly inspired. I'd LOVE to own that fur vest. Can you attach a note to the inside of it with my name and address? After you're "slashed" and before you're buried someone will take notice and mail it to me. Pleeeeeeaaazze???

    I watched an interesting show today on the VIA Railroad system you have in your neck of the woods. It talked about the history of the railroad system from Toronto to Vancouver and talked about all the stops along the way. Some of the old photos were pretty entertaining.

    Have a fantastic Christmas!

  4. Ah, I'm a 'sensitive viewer' so I never saw Black Christmas, though I know the title (but did not know it was Canadian - cool!). "The calls are coming from inside the house" - brr, that line reminds me of the one 70s horror film I did see, When A Stranger Calls ("Have you checked the children?" - ahhh, still makes me shiver).

    Love the coat, btw.

    Further to Joni's comment - I've always wanted to take the VIA to the west coat, out and over the Rockies, and then east to Quebec city. If you had the cash, it would be such a cool way to see Canada. VIA should do a VIA Sweepstakes where a trip such as that is the prize (but then again, I wouldn't qualify as I'm not a resident of Canada anymore :( ).

    Have a very happy Christmas, Shelley! xoxo

  5. Totally love your black outfit!! One day I want to be somewhere where I can experience a white Christmas, it is summer over here. In saying that it is raining!!

  6. I've never heard of it either, some slasher flicks I love, some not so, but the thought of 1970s clothing and fur-trimmed coats has me intrigued!
    Love the bad ass shopping outfit. I'm stealing myself to tackle the madness of the supermarket as the cupboards, and even worse, the wine rack is bare!
    Happy Xmas, have a fab day and speak to you on the other side! xxx

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  8. Nothing Horror-ific about THIS ensemble...It's FANTASTIC! And perfect for wearing in this neck of the woods where we had 18-20" of the jolly white stuff dumped on us last Thursday. You're welcome to come anytime and pose for a photo shoot against the background of one of our many snowbanks. Merlot and/or Hot Cocoa await you! <3

  9. Love the outfit, and I do remember that movie although I don't think I've seen it all the way thru.
    Remember it getting fairly trashed by the critics as a poor early result of CanCon regulations!
    Have a great holiday!

  10. Thank you for this black slasher reference amidst all the furious cheer. Whew!! You look like a great wonderful magical being in that sweeping vest and big boots. You can fly over the world spreading thoughts of all the other joys out there. Hugs. Fantastic in black!

  11. fabulously elegant!, love your boots and fur and all that great attitude for a Black Xmas joy!
    besos & happy holidays

  12. Love the scarf, sweater, and leggings, and this outfit's silhouette. Awesome holiday post, Shelley!

  13. Finally have to comment after reading your blog for months now, and enjoying your style! Black Christmas - ah, I have a soft spot for it, too. The argument between Olivia's character and her boyfriend adds another bit to the suspense; the cinematography is fabulous - such spooky shots; and let's not forget that Shelley Winters is in it, and has a great! Thanks for writing about this great film - hardly ever hear about it!
    It's easy to comment on your blog, so I will do so more often!

  14. I'm just catching up and must say that I'm in awe of your black Christmas inspired look. such a great idea to top off this outfit with a veiled hat. Turn a few heads?

  15. Some outfit love it
    The boots are awesome and drooling over those leggings, Danier? The must be super confortable ,
    Danier is excellent quality, i have a few Danier jackets