Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It)

As a tribute to the Rolling Stones, who recently played in New York as part of their 50th Anniversary Gorilla tour, I thought I'd feature an outfit that made me feel rather bad-ass rock chick...or maybe more 80's New Wave?  I can't decide.  My friend Jean, of The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, had the good fortune to attend the Stones' concert December 13th at the Prudential Centre in Newark, NJ - you can read her review, and see some of her photos on their blog here.  I have never seen the Stones perform live, and had assumed that to see them now would be a letdown, but apparently they put on a great show, and proved that after 50 years of touring, even if they still can't get no satisfaction, their fans certainly can!

If I had my own band, this is definitely one of the outfits I would wear on stage.  I'm not sure what I would do in a band as I can't sing, and the few guitar and saxophone lessons I've taken during my life wouldn't go very far.  Perhaps I could be a "pretend" backup vocal singer, and do some cool choreographed shimmys and hip swivels while lip-syncing?

I bought these pants/skirt (skants?) over a year ago, but for some reason they've never been on my blog.  They are made by a Toronto designer, Deborah Korosec, and sold under her label Studio Gang.  They were the first thing I saw when I visited the designer's store on Ossington Avenue, and if they fit, I knew I was taking them home.  They went to  New York with me last year, where they got lots of compliments.
80's jacket - Mine 101
Skants - Studio Gang in Toronto
Neosens boots - From Mars
fave owl necklace - Frilly Lizard

And in other news....

I had a "SQUEE" moment when I saw that I had been included in this brilliant post by the lovely Bella, on her blog Citizen Rosebud, along with a number of my favourite 40+ blogging goddesses.  Real women do wear red lipstick (or not), and don't follow anyone else's rules when it comes to what we wear and how we present ourselves to the world.

Keep Calm, and Rock On!


  1. Rock On is right! You are rockin' this outfit to the max. Love that Skant and all the black on black which I love to do also.

    I had such a treat recently when I went to a live show here in Seattle at a very small club. A newly formed band with members from Screaming Trees and Guns n' Roses, called Walking Papers, performed a fantastic show. But the best part was when Jerry Cantrell, the guitar player from Alice in Chains came on stage. Wow, was I ever thrilled! Then when he wasn't jamming with the band he was standing just a few feet from me. I'm such a groupie. ;)

    Your energy is contagious Shelley!

  2. What a great tribute to the Stones and to Jean's review of the concert in New Jersey. You are vibrant in your 'on stage' outfit, and you're giving your fans plenty of satisfaction with your enthusiastic poses!

  3. Ah, Shelley, you are taking me on a very happy walk down memory lane: I know Studio Gang! I remember a lot of saucy leather (or plastic?) in her window ... Think I even interviewed her once for my shopping column. The pants are great - remind me a little of the harem-y type pants the ladies were wearing here in the summer. And I absolutely love the 80s jacket. I saw the Stones in the early 90s in the new Skydome. It seemed so big at the time, and the stage so far away, that Mick Jagger seemed the size of a Barbie Doll, even on the live screen!

  4. That truly would be an amazing rock 'n' roll band outfit. I love it.

  5. Last time I saw the Stones was in the 1960's when I was 15! Amazing to me that they are still performing some of the same tunes and doing it even better. Talk about older folks that still got it!

    Love your skants, Shelley! I get totally livid when I hear anyone tell me what I can and can't wear. It's really none of their business! I personally don't wear makeup at all but that's just me. I don't dress for anybody but myself. If my clothes draw a comment, then good. It's nice that somebody is paying attention! Better than being a totally invisible old lady.

  6. Wow - I would LOVE to see the Stones! Your outfit is SPECTACULAR, Shelley! I love that fab jacket and those skants are FABULARSE - why don't I own any skants??? Sarah xxx

  7. Rock chickie HAWT babe! That jacket is superb, I love it!!
    Skants is such a great word, and they're just so clever and totally awesome!
    I would think that The Stones would have to keep themselves pretty bloody fit nowadays, and work doubly hard to put on a good show, but that's what is expected of them!Can't be easy, but good on the old fellas for still getting themselves out there.I've never been a huge fan, but I love Keith!

  8. Holy jumping catfish! Those are mighty fine trousers. I am desirous of them, plenty. Re. your band comment, you certainly don't need or sing or play an instrument to start a band - I know from experience. Just rent a cheap studio space for an hour, plug in a couple of mics, and your off. And bring along a camera!

  9. Oh, you look amazing!!! Outstanding shapes with the textures and menswear stripe, just perfect. You could TOTALLY rock the tambourine and the wiggling and the do-dos and the ah-ahs! Awesome, Shelley!

  10. And I like it too, Shellley! What a cool rock chick you are! Love the skants, they have a Vivienne Westwood look about them from her early punk days, and with the jacket and boots and your fabulous hair, I definitely think you could rock with the best of them!
    A happy new year to you, my fabulous friend! xxxx

  11. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours, swimming in a sea of really great outfits! You look edgey in the best slice of a way, and that jacket, that pair of skants are rockin'!

    I love the idea of you in a band- only you ain't no back-up singer baby. You are lead, front in center all the way.

  12. Saxophone or guitar or NOT, you still ROCK (especially this SKANTS outfit)!...If I can find some skants here in Wisconsin (that fit me), can(may) I be in your band? I can bring cellos, rhythm instruments, a piano, a couple of violins, a guitar, and a voice. <3

    1. You can most certainly be in the band, in fact, if you bring all that stuff, you will BE the band ;)

  13. Rock on! I'm so pissed off that I missed chatting before I left but here's to new opportunities in 2013!
    Have a fantastic New Year and see you on the other side, you totally fabulous and inspirational woman! xxxxx

  14. Way cool jacket!
    Way cool - um - garment on the legs, by any name!
    Way cool boots!
    Way cool posing!
    Sorry to be repetitive - couldn't take the 'way' out of even one of the above.

    Not anonymous - the IFs, fighting a losing battle against computers