Thursday, December 20, 2012

All Creatures Great and Small

I ran into this very well-coordinated duo while waiting for a bus the other day.  They know that fur and a winter white coat make the perfect cold weather outfit.

A smile and a hug is always good too!

When I got to work, I spotted this fierce looking fellow perched on the roof of the building next to the one I work in.  He's wearing a rather handsome ensemble too, courtesy of Mother Nature.  I was pretty sure he's a red tailed hawk, as we have a number of those on campus.  Rabbits and rodents beware!

Don't forget your four-legged and feathered friends during the holiday season - show some love with a donation of cash or pet food to your local Humane Society or other animal rescue organization, or hang a suet ball on a tree for the birds!


  1. A treat for the birds is a great idea! I miss them during these colder months. I have a large family of birds who live in the hedge outside my bedroom window. I love hearing the mother call for her young ones to come back home each evening, scolding the late ones as they flutter in to the safety of the branches. Sometimes I swear the mother sings them bedtime lullabies, or at least I imagine she does. I would love to be a bird someday.

  2. We've been on a bird feeding frenzy this last few weeks and it's an absolute joy to watch the feathered critters arrive from miles around for the best buffet this side of Birmingham. Nothing as majestic as that hawk though, it's strictly blackbirds, robins, sparrows and blue tits round here!
    Love the gorgeously co-ordinated couple, great discovery! x

  3. Fabulous pics. Never forget 4 legged friends, and a donation to my local SPCA is a must every year.

  4. Thanks for the reminder. I used to give a monthly donation to my local Humane Society in Canada, but haven't sussed them out here in France. Time to find out. :)

  5. We have the pleasure of providing sustenance for an assortment of birds and small creatures like chipmunks. The deer roam through, and we see rabbits, raccoons, an occasional opossum, and have had a nest of hawks several years in a row. Our friends tease us about our "Disney movie" backyard. Your hawk is a beauty!!

  6. So cute the girl with her dog, they are coordinated, so cute!
    Awwwww we must not forget those poor birds of course we have one hanging in the garden!

    Merry X-Mas to you Shelley

    Ariane xxxx

  7. Always a great idea to co-ordinate with your pets, I reckon! Love that second photo of the lady and her dog, she looks so happy!
    Your hawk is a by handsome creature. I once saw a sparrow hawk on our lawn, it had killed a pigeon and set about devouring it, the lawn was so covered in feathers, it looked as though it had been snowing. Ah, nature red in tooth and claw...
    We donate to the RSPCA (big animal charity in the UK) at Christmas, 2 of our cats came from them so we like to support the charity. xxxx

  8. Oh, aren't they something - both pictures are wonderful!
    Fierce is right, check out the sharp beak and talons, eee!