Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Heart NY

I was feeling that I needed to wear some red today.  It's a powerful, emotional colour - the colour of hearts, and blood, and the apple that is a symbol of New York city,  a place that has been near and dear to my heart since I first travelled there when I was 14.  Of all the large cities I've visited, it is the one where I have felt most at home.

While watching the scenes of the damage from Hurricane Sandy to Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs on the news,  I couldn't believe that a mere two weeks prior to the storm, I had been having a wonderful time in New York with my friends.  Fortunately, none of them (as far as I've heard) were injured or trapped by the storm, but at least 100 people lost their lives, homes and businesses were destroyed, and five days later, especially in the outlying boroughs, many are still without power, people's homes are flooded, lineups for gas stretch for miles, and public transit is minimal.  My beloved Chelsea was hit hard, and it will likely be months before gallery owners calculate the value of the art that was destroyed or damaged. 

Personally, I was glad to see that the New York Marathon had been cancelled, although I realize the decision was not made lightly, and there will be significant costs to the cancellation.  We know New York, and New Yorkers, are tough and resilient - we remember the aftermath of 9/11, so they don't need to prove anything to the rest of the world by holding the marathon in the wake of a devastating storm.  Direct those resources to the people that need them the most right now.   And all the runners, wondering what they were going to do when they couldn't do the marathon?  How about lending a hand with the cleanup?  

New York,  my heart is with you.

leather pants - The Sentimentalist
sweater - Value Village
felt flower pin - The Fairies Pajamas
shoes - by Naot from Walking on a Cloud
hat - From Mars


  1. Oh I love the outfit. My nephew lives in Manhattan and his apartment is still flooded. I feel so terrible for all the people impacted by this storm.

  2. London is very fortunate to have such a woman with a New York heart and style sense living in its midst. You look fantastic! I agree about the marathon - good call.

  3. Cool outfit. My NYC friends were also safe.

  4. About New York, agreed! I hope all improves quickly in NY!! Love your hat!


  5. Amen! No one can argue the resiliency of New Yorkers...I hope they don't have to prove this again for a VERY, VERY long time. Cut them a break!

  6. Hi Shelley, that hat is totally the same as mine I think. I love how you're wearing it too. I'm going to try that. I like that it's leaning toward the feminine but it's not too girly. If something is too girly it's just not me and I have to take it off immediately. ;)

    All these horrible weather conditions are so troubling. Have you read much about the HAARP weather station technology? Scary stuff. The fact that the military is behind much of it scares me even more. We're totally messing up our own jet stream, along with so many other things in the atmosphere.

    Is that too negative for a style blog? lol

  7. Hear hear, very well said, Shelley.
    You look fabulous, a cool and sassy stylish tribute to New York and its people. Red and black are perfect on you, as is the wonderful hat. xxxxx

  8. I am so glad to see you are not only ok, but more inspiring than ever.

  9. Brilliantly put, Shelley. I love this outfit, those trousers and shoes kick ass! x

  10. Fabulous outfit. Love the cropped trousers with the peppermint stripped socks.

  11. Style and heart. You can have one without the other, but you have both, which is a gift. XXOO

  12. Oh you are a beautiful soul. Even from so far away we watched the disaster unfold, so helpless to do anything worthwhile but only hope there were enough emergency crews and volunteers to help people get to a safe house. The stories of people who didn't make it simply by going outside for a look, take some pics, walk the dog are tragic. You my dear are looking suitable NY fab and omg you're wearing those fabularse leather pants again - GAH!!! xoxoxoxoox

  13. Hi Shelley!

    I saw you on Facebook this morning while riding the bus - looking good
    I love the sock and shoes - the cardi is fabulous
    Red is perfect for you

    Ariane xx

  14. You look like you're ready to take on the world! We've all been following so much news from America recently, first with the storm and now the election. I think New Yorkers are like Londoners and just get on with things. We're visiting NY for the first time next year and I CANNOT WAIT!

  15. What a lovely heartfelt post.

    Beautiful sweater and flower-pin clasp, and great hat too!

  16. Something is going on... blogger is eating my comments!!! Absolutely love this outfit on you, Shelley - the leather pants are GORGEOUS, the colours fabulous, love the hat and the felt flower - you look GORGEOUS. And you ARE gorgeous. Big hugs, Sarah xxx

  17. My sentiments exactly and so articulate, compassionate AND stylish.