Thursday, October 4, 2012

When Bloggers Collide, and One of Them Loses her Brain

Apparently spending two consecutive weekends in Toronto has completely thrown off my focus and my time management ability.   I haven't been able to put together an outfit to save my life this week - it's been all I can do to get to work on time.  You can see today's effort below:

Thanks to the start of the United Way fundraising campaign at work, we can wear jeans if we pay $2 for a sticker that notes "I'm dressed this way for United Way".  I rarely ever wear jeans to work so you can tell desperation has set in.  At least I gussied them up a little with the Union Jack, leopard, and some bling.
Union Jack T - clothing swap
leopard cardigan - Joe Fresh
FCUK jeans - Value Village

Me and my silver wear!

bracelets from The Sentimentalist, University Hospital gift shop and clothing swap
rings purchased at various retail stores over the years

During my last visit to Toronto,  I met a couple of well-known Toronto bloggers while browsing through a store called Advice From a Caterpillar located in Rosedale.  Marketed as "A Lifestyle Store for Children Ages Newborn to Six" It wasn't a place I would have wandered into on a whim, but I was visiting a friend when her daughter and infant granddaughter came over and they wanted to check it out.

I recognized the blonde on the right to be Caillianne Beckerman, one of the sisters who author the blog Beckerman Biteplate.  She was soon joined by her blue-haired twin Samantha and after we all exchanged greetings, I asked for a photo of the sassy and uber-stylish sisters. Again, my brain failed me as I should have got my friend to take a photo of the three of us.  You'll have to take my word for it, I was there.

Check out their blog - their shopping habits make me look like a model of restraint

There wasn't anything inside the store that interested me, as I don't know any children for whom I'd be willing to spend $600 on a jacket, but I loved the mid-century modern-ish chair and table outside the store.


  1. Gah FINALLY I get to see the UJ tank on you and yes it is awesome. Oh yes. It is. Seriously drooling here and with the cardigan!!!!!! And that is my kind of silverware - yeeeeeeahhh!!! You met those gorgeous Beckerman girls? So jels - the thought of the three of you in one place, there would have been some serious arse-squeezing going on if I happened upon you;) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Fantastic jeans ensemble - casual but very together. Love those armaments! For sure I'd leap for the furniture rather than children's clothing. And how cool to run into fellow bloggers. I'm glad you got some pictures. You seriously need a PR guy to shadow you these days so we can get more shots with you in them.

  3. Ooh that union jack tshirt is AWESOOOME and I love it with the leopard - you are rocking this outfit, Shelley! And yes, that chair is fabularse! Perhaps you'd like to hire me as your personal photographer? Best Job Ever! Sarah xxx

  4. I'm totally digging your silver, especially that finger ring...meiouw!! I love how you've rocked up the jeans, too! The tee is too cool and how fab to meet those lovely bloggers! xxx

  5. Wow, to your "silver wear" That has got to be the biggest ring ever. Your outfit rocks!

  6. I've seen you a couple of times on Adelaide Street in the last couple of weeks on my drive to work - it's like seeing a celebrity!

  7. Loving the silver wear, and the jeans look fabulous with the Union Jack t-shirt and a little bit of leopard! I think it's a great look on you, Shelley.
    Good to meet other bloggers, but I am laughing/despairing at the notion of a lifestyle shop for the under-6s! Really?!
    Have a lovely weekend! xxxx

  8. I think this outfit is genius-I LOVE it. Seriously. I suddenly feel the need for a shirt and sweater like that to go with my jeans, which I still wear periodically. If I saw you on the street for the first time, I'd have to say something because you look so awesome and interesting.

    I think I've glimpsed the Beckermans in blogland and appreciate the reminder-I think they're cool looking too.

  9. I think your outfit is great and how neat that you can wear jeans to work to support a cause? But I get it; sometimes your fashion brain is just OFF. I visited that lovely yet $$$ store before I left TO last year and met the blogging twins. They are quite into the scene in TO, methinks, but have their own style personalities for sure. Your silver bangles, rings and bracelets continue to amaze me - gorg! And, as per a few comments above, how cool that you yourself, a stylish fashion blogger, has been clocked in downtown TO by a reader - waaay cool!

  10. Oh, I'm impressed by your cool style!