Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Manhattan Vintage Show - The Stuff!

First of all, I want to direct your attention to the other wonderful bloggers who have included my New York adventure in their recent posts:
The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas
Advanced Style
The Citizen Rosebud
Thanks so much - your photos and text are a lovely reminder of three days of awesomeness!

Now, on to the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show....

The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show takes place three times a year - October, February and April, at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York.   It brings together 90+ vendors offering the best in vintage clothing, textiles and accessories from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.  Prices are generally high, as is the quality, and this year I found it difficult to find things priced under $100, but for the hard-core vintage fan, there was some amazing eye-candy.  This year's theme was London Swings: Carnaby Street to Kings Road 1964-1974, and there was an exhibit of clothing for sale from such iconic labels as Mary Quant, Biba, and Ossie Clark.  The red vinyl dolman sleeve coat in the photo above, on display at the Daybreak Vintage booth, was part of this collection, and was sold on the first day of the show.  You can see other pieces from the collection on the website here
The booth for Lofty Vintage was one of the most beautiful, in terms of display and organization.   I, along with fellow bloggers The Style Crone and the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas had been graciously given press passes to the show, and when asked politely, many vendors allowed me to photograph their displays.

I  lusted after this swoon-worthy Christian Dior coat, also from Lofty Vintage

The show has a large selection of hats on offer, ranging in price from $30 to over $300.  Vendor Barbara Kennedy, from Pennsylvania, had some of the most beautiful, as seen in the photo above from her booth. 

This is a closeup of the buttons on a fab wool jacket that was priced very reasonably at $100 - unfortunately, it was too small for me.

This jacket, from Pocketbook Vintage, is a runway piece from designer Gianfranco Ferre.  The leather and gold metal embellishment is part of the coat - stunning, but definitely not "Hug-friendly"!

...unlike this coat, also from Pocketbook Vintage, which I had a hard time taking off.
In addition to the amazon warrior fur, I'm wearing my 1940's hat, purchased from The Sentimentalist, and a 40's dress I had found earlier that day at a Salvation Army thrift store.  I completed my outfit with a pair of 1940's gloves with a satin pouf at the wrist from The Vintage show.

a funky metal and crochet 1960's bag

This display of bags from Deco Etc.  showed that there really was something for everyone's taste

My personal favourite was this plastic clutch.  At $175 it was well beyond my budget, but a girl can dream, can't she?

This graphic print dress from Vintagelemonde was another of my favourites

One of the best things about the Vintage show is the opportunity it gives those of us who appreciate the creativity and craftmanship of designs of previous decades to see garments up close that one would otherwise only see in a museum, like this gorgeous 1920's silk velvet embroidered coat, from Lisa Victoria Vintage.

I can't imagine how many man hours (or woman hours) went into this embroidery

It's not all seriously swanky vintage; there are a lot of fun pieces available at the show like this orange fur skirt...

This sassy sequined jacket from Miss Kitty's Litter Box ....

..and, this crazy-cool knicker and cape set from Recursive Chic, which was so incredibly well-priced I was very tempted to bring it home.  I did end up purchasing a black & white 1960's dress from this booth (whose owner was too shy to be photographed) which will show up on my blog sooner or later.

I have tried wherever possible to credit clothing and accessories shown to the appropriate vendor but please feel free to contact me to correct any errors or omissions.

Next post - The people!


  1. OO,what fabulous fun! I'm gagging for the red OVC number,first pic,and the cape,last pic!
    Not only did you see fabulous clothes and score a few great 40's pieces, you also got to hang out with some gloriously styley ladies!EEEK!

  2. Oh, you make me want to go to this event the next time I get an invite. I love the black and white maxi you pictured.

  3. I have to admit, most ALL the things I see out there that really make my heart beat heavy are way over my price range or justification. There's just something about expensive things. The fabrics are different. They're mostly made better and they just look richer in my opinion. I so love that silver purse. Great example after checking out the price tag. ahhhhhhh, such beautiful things.

  4. I would LOVE to be there to see all those amazing clothes.

  5. Holy fuck. I need to go to this thing! I can't do it by April, maybe by next fall. How amazing is this? You as usual take such great pics- I want to touch these goodies!

  6. Oooh, what a fantastic trip that must have been! And so great that you met up with other bloggers. I would have snapped up that metal purse in a heartbeat, though it would have violated my G-Q budget. Looking forward to seeing your new dress!

  7. Bloody hell, as if I'm not short of breath as it is! I want that red PVC cape, the fluffy orange skirt, the Dior coat, that red clutch and I want to buy you that coat as well! What an amazing display, I'd have been hyperventilating!! xxx

  8. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what to say??? I LOVE IT ALL.

  9. Ooh, I haven't been to this in forever and looks like there's some great stuff this time!

  10. Holy guacamole - so much fabulousness! I love that vinyl cape, and the other cape, and the red clutch and the hats... and just EVERYTHING! Sarah xxx

  11. Are you kidding? It would be hard to get me out of there with my credit card still intact.