Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Love The Skin You're In

When I was at the Western Fair Farmer's Market last weekend, savoring a warm apple fritter with Heather and her Mom, we spied these boots on a woman who was standing with her back to us.  We speculated as to whether there was a zipper that let you in and out of them without having to "unwrap" them, or if that had to be done every time you put them on.  My curiousity got the better of me so I got up to ask....

When she turned around I saw that it was Lynn Blumas, owner of Lynn Blumas Photography, and a project coordinator at My Sisters Place.  She and I share a love of leather as you can tell by her outfit.  The boots are from Crete, and yes, the straps have to be wrapped and unwrapped each time you put them on take them off.  I love her fringed cross body bag, and even her jewellery continued the leather theme.

Her earring was a gift from her daughter.

There are more photos of stylish folk that were out and about on Thanksgiving weekend to come.  I'm preparing for an awesome blogger meetup this weekend so I should have some great photos to share next week.


  1. I would love the skin I'm in if I was head to toe leather. ;) Those are some sexy boots!

  2. Those boots are worth wrapping and unwrapping every time. Love that! The whole outfit speaks to me... How cool that you actually knew the person in the mystery boots.

  3. Best to keep those boots on all day then! Loving all the leather, and how funny that it was someone you knew all along!
    Looking forward to seeing who you are meeting up with, ooh, exciting! xxx

  4. I don't reckon that would be too much of a problem, as long as you weren't going shoe shopping!

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  5. What a fabulous outfit, those boots are stunning! x

  6. Fab booties, and I have a weakness for fringed purses like that! Have a blast at your blogger meet-up this weekend - looking forward to hearing all about it! :)