Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gratitude....With Attitude!

 *WARNING* - this post contains expressions of personal sentiment that some readers may find offensive or just down right mushy.  Apologies all around, and I promise, it's a one time thing.  Read on at your own risk.  At least there are no kittens.

I try to be consciously grateful throughout the year for the blessings I have in my life, and as it was our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, I made a point of acknowledging them.  My health and independence are right up there at the top of the list.  When trying to comfort someone who has experienced a rough patch and you say, "At least you've got your health", it sounds trite, but nothing is more true, because without your health, life becomes a series of trials to endure, pain to medicate, and obstacles to surmount.   As a non-driver, having my mobility compromised by the ever-present pain in my foot has made me more conscious of this.  I was inspired by gratitude to put together an outfit that made me feel confident, and ready to take on the world, which meant that black, and leather would definitely be part of the mix.
leather pants - The Sentimentalist
jacket/shawl - Value Village
vintage hat - Brydges Antique Market
felt flower pin - The Fairies Pajamas
shoes - Naot, retail

The jacket is reversible, with plain black on one side, and the words "I Love You" embroidered on the other and I didn't like the way it fit so I turned it upside down and inside out.  Now it forms a cool shawl collar and all you can see is the word "you!", which I like better, as I'm just not one of those people who expresses affection randomly.  I also realized after looking at this photo that my butt looks much better in these pants when I put my hands in my pockets.

I had the pleasure of spending time this weekend with my friend Heather, on the right, and her lovely Mama, left, who was visiting from the States on the occasion of Heather's birthday, and to see her daughter play Roller Derby.  Her mom had never experienced the taste of heaven that is a warm apple fritter from the stand in the Western Fair Farmer's Market, so I had to document the occasion.  From the first bite, she was won over.

And while I'm counting my blessings, of utmost importance are the people I choose to include in my life.  In addition to my very small biological family, I have my chosen family of supremely supportive, delightfully smart-ass-ey, fiercely intelligent, and incredibly fun friends - friends that have listened, patiently, as I rant and rail on about someone or something that has pissed me off, broken my heart, or made me delirious with joy, helped me move to a new apartment, brought me soup when I was sick, provided rides to the grocery store, shared gut-busting laughs with, and an endless supply of hugs.   And then there is my amazing network of blogger friends whose style and creativity are continually inspiring.  To all of you - I am grateful for your presence.  I'm lucky, and I know it. 

If you are in Canada, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving weekend, spent in the company of good food and good friends.   What are you grateful for?


  1. Aaawwwwww, that is so sweet! Momma and I had so much yesterday!

  2. The pants look great!

  3. Consider yourself arse-squeezed baby!!! What a gorgeous rump in your leather trews - I love the length and the cut on you - GAH!!!! Health is EVERYTHING. My hubby has so many complicated illnesses and health issues that can be so difficult to manage, he would give anything to have just one pain-free day and without PTSD terrors and anxiety attacks. Just one. So he would know what it feels to be centred in himself again. I'm grateful for the three hours we had together at the flea market yesterday - his first non-medical related outing for at least 2-3 months. Any dessert with apple in it is heaven to me. xoxoxoxox

  4. Fantastic ensemble and so very you! Is your foot problem in the heel? I'm wondering if you have plantar fascitis, or a bone spur like me. ;(

    Happy Thanksgiving to you up there. I'm thankful everyday for my health and especially the health of my loved ones.

  5. I reckon a kitten would have been just fine!
    O,yes,one's health is SO important, and something to be truly grateful for when you have it.Health issues can get a person down.
    I love the concept of Thanksgiving;we don't have it here, and I want it introduced.Too many are just flat out ungrateful too often.Makes me quite shitty really. I always think they should go to a 3rd world country and see just how great we have it.Anyway, that's a teensy ranty!
    I like the idea of following you with YOU! flapping at me!
    You've got a great arse, no wonder Desiree wants to squeeze it! XXX

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I too am grateful for good health since it is a challenge for me. Wishing you joyful mobility, and good health!

  7. Well, firstly - how great does your bum look in those leather trousers? I know, I know, you write a heartfelt post about serious issues, and I have to talk about your arse...
    However, it's true. It's also true that your upside-down inside-out revision of the jacket is inspired, and the little straw hat topping it all off is genius!
    And it is truer still that we have so much more to be thankful for than to complain about, and it's good to celebrate that. My recent bout of illness has certainly made me realise I shouldn't take my usual state of health for granted. And friends, in real life and blogging life, are to be cherished.
    Now I demand kittens! xxxxx

  8. Great post !

    Really love this look !



  9. Upside down and inside out! Love it! I've worn clothes backwards sometimes and sometimes I have felt upside down and inside out.Health issues can certainly do a number on one's sense of identity and well-being.Your pizzazz makes us feel on top of the world.Grateful to you!

  10. Love your outfit. Having gone through a year of being ill, I totally agree with you that having "health" is the best thing in the world. That along with loved ones is awesome! Waking up in the morning and not having to go get another treatment or shot or test is a joy. I wish you all health and happiness.

  11. Like Curtise I feel a bit mean about concentrating on how awesome your arse looks in those pants rather than the lovely heartfelt words but it does!
    I love the concept of Thanksgiving, much nicer to be grateful for things rather than a crap festival like Xmas where it's all about spending money and being flash. xxxxxx

  12. Aw, Shelley! Mushy is where it's at, man. No need to apologize for being open-hearted. Also, your jacket is amazing, and tush-tastic pants deserve special gratitude indeed. :) I like how you describe the feelings you wised your outfit to convey / support, and that confidence is wonderfully evident in your photos.

  13. I'm so common, like those others above me - I was very busy thinking how AMAZING your arse looks! I LOVE the upside down jacket and that brooch is PERFECT. I love your lovely gratitudey post - and I'm grateful for awesome, smart, beautiful, caring, hilarious, fabularse blog friends. BIG HUGS! Sarah xxx PS Your arse is super hot in those pants.

  14. You are always such an inspiration, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.