Monday, October 29, 2012

David Lynch and George A. Romero Would Approve

After you've been sick for more than a few days, and you start to worry that you'll always look this haggard, your skin will always be this blotchy, and you will never put another outfit together that does not involve pyjamas, it's good to remind yourself of what you looked like before you got sick...

There. See?  Not so bad....a bit pinched around the mouth, but the outfit is good, and I'm standing upright, always a plus.  The fact that I'm wearing the velvet coat I found at The Sentimentalist at the end of September is a large part of the appeal.  It makes me happy just to look at the gorgeous colour, so I've hung it on the outside of my closet door.   I'm also wearing the 1940's gloves with the satin wrist poof I got at the Manhattan Vintage Show, and the doc marten look-a-likes (the brand is No Boundaries, unfamiliar to me) from the Chelsea Housing Works Thrift Store.  The floral tights were thrifted from Talize.

After could be much worse

Bella, of The Citizen Rosebud, inspired me to play around with the online photo editor, picmonkey.  I decided that of the Halloween-themed creatures available, the "Zombie" best suited my current state.   I hope you all have a Ghoulishly Good Halloween!


  1. O M G that velvet coat is abso-frickin-lutely EXQUISITE! You could be decapitated and still look divine in that coat, Shelley! SO glad you've ben unwell and glad to see you upright and did I mention how much I ADORE that coat??? Sarah xxx

  2. I am going to have to play with the effects on PicMonkey too, Undead Shelley is fabulous!
    That velvet coat is dreamy, and I am envying those tights. I made the foolish mistake of buying some One Size floral tights - ripped a hole in them first wear, one size does NOT fit all!
    Good to have you back with us and upright, love! xxxx

  3. That velvet coat is just a wardrobe MASTERPIECE. Seriously. You are going to Love It Long Time. Your zombie pic is fabulous!

  4. If you wear that coat and click your blue shoes together three times and whisper There's No Place Like Chelsea over and over, well, I can't guarantee you'll teleport back there, but at least you'll look fab. The zombie pic is gruesome, but at least your coffee shop will still serve you. Truly, I hope you feel better soon! The coat inspiration is great therapy.

  5. Your boots and coat are such a brilliant blue. I love it! Great costume too, are you going to answer the door that way? ha!

  6. I am in love with your blue boots. They are awesome.

  7. Hoping that you're on your way back to perfect health! The color blue suits you and hanging the gorgeous coat on your closet door must be a constant dose of inspiration. Love the gloves - brilliant find at the vintage show.

    PicMonkey and you are a match! You must be feeling better to create a touch of Halloween.

  8. You look gorgeous and not at all like you've been ill! I love that coat, it's incredible! Undead Shelley is very scary, I need to create that in real life, I can't be doing with pesky kids bothering me tomorrow night. Round here we don't share our sweets with anyone! x

  9. You look fantastic, Shelley - in both pictures! I'm loving the purple floral with the beautiful blues, and the blood spatters echo your paisley scarf which sets off your greenish complexion and ties in with your brilliant yellow eyes - gorgeous!

    P.S. Seriously, feel better soon! xo

  10. Just catching up on my blogging buddies and I have to say, Shelley, that that coat rocks on you! What a gorg colour and style; I can see why it makes you happy and why you can't bear to put it in your closet. (I have been known to place my fave 'new' thrift store finds on my bedside table, even if they're shoes or a purse - sick or sane??).

    Sounds like you've been quite ill - hope you're feeling better soon.

    And thank you very much for your thoughtful words on my blog a few weeks back. xoxo

    P.S. You make a gruesome zombie! :)