Monday, October 1, 2012

Bloggers, Milliners and Models - The Art of Fashion Design Competion Part 2

In addition to the creativity that was on display from the young Canadian designers who had been chosen as finalists in the Art of Fashion 2012 Design Competition, there was a lot of sartorial eye-candy amongst the invited guests.  I had the pleasure of meeting another blogger, a milliner, a t-shirt designer, and a young man whose fierce style I had admired for some time.

The kilt, the boots, the hair, the hat - there was no way you could miss this guy.  He definitely triggered an "Oh Wow!" moment.

David Dunkley, on the right, got my attention with his sartorial smarts and his charm, and when I learned that he had designed the fascinator worn by his friend, with his millinery talent.  The award-winning Toronto milliner studied with the former royal milliner to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and his hats have been worn by members of the Queen's royal entourage.  You can see more of Dunkley's gorgeous hats and fascinators on his website here

Head-to-toe red

This woman's dress was designed by a friend - I really liked the "business in the front, party in the back" aesthetic that was continued in her hairstyle.

My favourite shoes, perfectly paired with black and white

I love how this woman, a fellow blogger, mixed classic casual pieces to make an outfit that was incredibly chic, and was a welcome visual break in the sea of black.  Her super cool glasses (they were dark blue which doesn't show up in the photo) and swirled topknot gave the impression that she was fun and approachable, which to my delight, she was!  I hope she sees this and sends me the address to her blog.

I have been crushing on this young man's fearless style since I first saw his photo on the street style blog TorontoVerve, so I was thrilled to see him in person.  Turns out he's just as sweet as he is stylish.  His name is Myles Sexton, and he's a makeup artist, aspiring model and jewellery designer, and even has his own YouTube Channel.  He's wearing a necklace of his own design - see the closeup below:

See more of his jewellery designs on his website

This young woman and a friend have a t-shirt design business called Global Warming that creates "t-shirts with a voice".  The shirt she's wearing is one of their designs, and others feature strong and sassy messages such as "I'm Ridiculously Smart" and my personal favourite,  "My Hair Doesn't Like To Be Touched By Strangers".   Her cute curls and gold hoop earrings looked great with the leopard print pants.

I was just getting ready to call it a night when I saw this lovely young woman, who was the epitome of  "lady-like" with her fur-trimmed vintage coat, designer heels and stunning envelope bag.

Thanks to the Art of Fashion for the invitation to this event, and hopefully I will be able to post a photo of what I was wearing if any of the people who photographed me are kind enough to send me one!


  1. Great photos! And what a variety. Everything from "way out there" to "take me back to the 50s!" Must be fun to do things like this. Some day... !!


  2. Wow, you meet the coolest people - have I said that already...? Myles is fierce, wow, but everyone here has such incredible style.I hope someone sends you a photo of you.

  3. You really do meet some cool people! That guy with the kilt? wow! x

  4. How I Love this! Another inspiring photo :)

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  5. Love these pictures. Everyone looks so confident and comfortable with their own style, which is so important. I still feel like I'm groping around in the dark for a cohesive look.

  6. I love all these pics, Shelley! Loving the red, the lime pleats, the black and white spotty trousers with the orange shoes, and the leopard print. Now we REALLY need to see what you were wearing! xxxx

  7. What an amazing and fun looking bunch! Thanks, Shelley.

  8. i love seeing fashion shots like these; such a range of styles and expressions!

  9. Ooh so much fabulousness! I LOOOOVE the kilt guy and Toronto Verve - who I'm off to stalk IMMEDIATELY! Of course, we NEED pics of YOU, Shelley! Sarah xxx

  10. OK, I'm an idiot, I meant M Sexton... he's KILLER. xxx

  11. Everyone looks like so much fun -- I can't pick a favorite!

  12. Shelley! Hi! Great post! Thank you for including me (Johanne in the plaid pumps and dark blue glasses) and for being so generous with your compliments! What a night it was and I've been meaning to send my hellos.
    My blog is Fashion in Motion and I'm so excited to discover yours. I love your style and your incredible eye for finding treasures and wearing them with panache.

    I'm so happy to connect with you!