Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekend Warrior

When I've got errands to run that involve lots of walking and getting on and off buses, I make a point of wearing something that is comfortable but still lets me feel like I'm making an effort.   I prefer short skirts for running around  not that there's been much running lately with the bum foot).  It's also got pockets!  Add a loose sweater and a big flowy scarf, my fave Tokidoki shoulder bag and comfy high tops, and I am a Weekend Warrior, ready for anything!

Joe Fresh skirt - Value Village
sweater - From Mars
scarf - Mesh Consignment
Tokidoki Bag - Winners
Asics Onisuka Tigers - Ebay

 A warrior needs her bling!  

leaf bracelet - The Sentimentalist
link bracelet - Swap party
Silver band - Elizabeth Noel
leather cuff - Home County Folk Festival


  1. Shelley, you put the funk in functional! Let me tell you I am eyeing up those leaves and your red cuff, very awesome!

  2. You're the most stylish weekend warrior I've ever seen. ;) That's a really cool sweater too. I like this color combination today.

  3. A warrior definitely does need her bling, I don't feel properly dressed until I've got my armour on! You look fabulous, your legs are gorgeous, they need to be flashed on a regular basis! x

  4. I'm with Vix - get those legs out more often please! You look fab and fit and ready for anything - I love the scarf and bling - they are the perfect finishing touches. Sarah xxx

  5. That leafy cuff bracelet knocked me on my butt! I LOVE it more than words can say! Definitely conveys the warrior persona!

  6. This outfit is a glorious example of "Who me? Sexy?" My favorite kind of style. Every piece is great, and topped off with the bracelets, it's perfect.

  7. My eyes were immediately drawn to all the wee jingle-jangles on your bag and your hair, which is looking extra quiffy-fabulous! We should have pockets on EVERYTHING we wear. I'm tempted to sew some on the outside of clothing that doesn't have them ... hmmmmm ... now there's an idea:)). xoxo

  8. Your running-around style - I just wish more people followed your lead! This is a fantastic look, practical and smashing at the same time. Your accessories add a whole new level.

  9. You're a fabulous weekend warrior! The accessories make this outfit: the scarf is great, and those bangles and bracelets (haven't seen the leaf one before, it's amazing) are divine. :)

  10. This is something i would put on the weekend to run around -
    Love the red socks!