Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Japan Via Texas

I was on the city bus heading downtown a couple of weeks ago when I spied this young woman whom I recognized from the group of Lolita girls that I had photographed for a previous post. (She is the girl in black seated in front of her friends).  She was meeting her friends for an afternoon tea and walkabout, so I sat with her and chatted about her love of Lolita fashion and where she found her dresses.  The clothes are quite expensive, and she has purchased some online, but has found that fit is an issue, particularly when ordering from Japan. She had this particular dress custom made by a woman in Texas.  I love the details of the pattern on the skirt, and the polka dot fabric trim at the hem to match the waistband.


  1. She's gorgeous and I LOVE her fab frock! Sarah xxx

  2. Incredible photo. She is wonderful. I looove that Eiffel Tower detail along the hemline. I'm glad you bumped into her again.

  3. I love hearing about the lengths to which people will go to find the perfect expression of their style - wonder how she found the woman from Texas?

  4. That dress is quite amazing! The more you look, the more detail you see. Love the print around the bottom! I think Lolita style is very cute. I would totally take it on, but feel that I have outgrown doing a full blown demonstration of it! I probably have always incorporated a bit of that sort of style into my own type of dress. Great photo!


  5. How cute is she? The print on her skirt is lovely! x

  6. I see those girls once in a while here as well
    They have such cute outfits
    This girl is adorable