Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fun, Free Stuff, Wine, Snacks - What's Not To Like??

The occasion - a Sunday afternoon clothes swapping party.  The guests - 10 women, most whom I didn't know, and our charming hostess, Sylvie.  The location - one of the most beautiful houses I'd ever seen, designed by Sylvie and her husband.  It was the kind of house that was the complete opposite of my apartment - bright, full of natural wood, uncluttered, etc., and yet there was a part of me that knew if I lived here, I could adapt....

Just to the left of the front door - open staircase with glass wall, leading to the loft bedroom.

Sylvie and her husband have a home design business, Roth Design Inc. and the house is full of gorgeous custom-designed wood furniture, made by her husband. 

The reason we were all there was to hopefully get rid of some items we no longer wore, and perhaps find a gem or two amongst the discards of the other guests.  After everyone put out their stuff, we were randomly assigned a number, and the person who got #1 had first chance to go through everyone else's things and choose something they wanted.  Then #2, #3 and so on.  

It was my first time at a Clothes Swap, and I was very impressed with how well organized it was, and the quality of the things people brought.  Most people brought about 10 items, some a lot more.  It was also fortunate that most of us were within a size or two of each other, which meant that most of the women had lots to choose from, and this is vital for a successful clothing swap.  

There is always the fear, when going to a Clothes Swap, that no one will want your stuff.  Fortunately, most of my stuff was gone by the end of the afternoon.  The woman above was happy to have snagged two necklaces of mine, which she's wearing in the photo.

The basement was very cool, with lots of caramel-coloured wood, and this funky console made from a bank of metal lockers.

Sylvie, our hostess, on the left, wearing a leather bustier that used to be mine, and another guest in the fabulous striped dress she scored.

One of Sylvie's three Westies found a comfy spot in the living room to watch the carryings-on

Of course,  even though promised myself I would not take anything home, that promise soon fell by the wayside as I browsed the goods that were on offer.  I took home the three bracelets pictured above, and the sterling silver one has been worn pretty much every day since. 

In the end, I did rather well, scoring a blue-green chinese jacket (which brings my grand total up to about a half-dozen now..), the three bracelets, and three cool t-shirts.

Have you ever been to, or hosted, a swap party?


  1. Wow, first off I love the decor there. I've never been to one of these but it looks like fun, with wine of course. ;)
    You scored some nice things. You've got me beat a bit on the Chinese tops.

  2. I think I could adapt to that interior as well! What a fun event. I've never been to a swapping party but you definitely went home with some wonderful pieces. This is a great idea. So much beautiful jewellery flying around...

  3. Oooh, clothing swaps, my sis just went to one in TO and I miss them - I used to have the girls over a few times a year, break out the vino, and throw all the stuff on the bed and try on like crazy(the wine helped do away with any shyness re: whipping off clothes)! They're a great way to recycle stuff you don't want, and of course, have fun with the gals. I love the tanks, and the sterling bracelet - I can see why you'd wear it every day (I have never been into bracelets but all of a sudden I adore them). Beautiful home too. :)

  4. What a fab place, I'm sure it would look even better with a bit more clutter!
    I've never been to a swap although my friends never leave my house empty-handed! That Chinese jacket is gorgeous, lets see it on! x

  5. Gorgeous house! I could get used to it too! I need to take part in a swap!

  6. What a beautiful home, lovely event, and great finds!

  7. I've never been to a clothing swap, but enjoyed hearing about this adventure and the great pieces that you found in this gorgeous home. You can never have too many Chinese jackets!

  8. I have been to a swap party in kind of an event in Montreal but never in a home...that is very interesting, have you been to many?
    You found nice things Shelley!

    The house is fabulous


  9. Hi! I'm Mandy and I found you through Vix :) I have only been to one clothing swap and it was a lot of fun. I hope to have one at my home some day because goodness knows I have stuff to get rid of. I love your style and if you are interested, please drop by my blog and say hi:

  10. UJ tank and Chinese jacket!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!! Oh this looks like SO much fun, I wanna go to one of these parties!! But they must have cute dogs and SUPER-COOL swappers like you who have black leather bustiers in their stash!!!! xoxoxoxoxooxoxox

  11. I saw this house for sale on MLS! It is stunning!