Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kansas Vs Oz

  She had lost all her energy, motivation, and creative inspiration.  The world had become colourless and drab 

AND THEN........

There, in all its jewel-coloured glory was....THE JACKET.  Not just any jacket, mind you, but the magical, multi-coloured jacket of joy

With this jacket, all was possible.  Purpose and energy restored, she raced off to her next adventure!
Jacket of Joy - The Sentimentalist
grey and black striped top - 69 Vintage in Toronto
black skirt - by Simpli, retail
leather converse - From Mars

Many thanks to the collage queen, sassy Sarah of Misfits Vintage, for inspiring me to get creative with Photoshop, and to Melanie of Bag and a Beret, who is unafraid to throw herself into a character to better show off an outfit, for inspiring me to break out of my posing rut.  Check out these two wonderful blogs, authored by 40+ creative, super-stylish women with oodles of personality and  wicked senses of humour.


  1. Holy cow Shelley, are you ever adorable! Love the pics, the story, and the Jacket of Joy - so much fun.

  2. Ooh here's you being all fabulous and creative and inspirational... and giving ME a shout out! Thanks so much! I LOVE this fantastic colour combo - and your awesome photoshopping. BRILLIANT! Sarah xxx

  3. Aaah, this is great!! I mean, it was awesome enough just in the first photo with that attitude. Then scrolling down, POW! You must be feeling better too. ;)
    Yay, you're back in business!

  4. Love the late "80s/early '90s old school hiphop vibe of that jacket!
    Think I feel some electric boogaloo coming on... ;-)

  5. Ha, channelling Sarah and Melanie is just the tonic any blogger needs to get them out of a slump!
    Great photos, Shelley, and just look at the fabulous colours on the Jacket of Joy. You really can't be down hearted while wearing that, can you? xxxx

  6. I think I heard the angel chorus singing when you revealed that jacket of a million colours. Your poses are excellent for this fun narrative. And when your runners are from Mars, I would expect no less. Thanks for the mention! Glad the elves could be of service.

  7. Who couldn't fail to be inspired by Sarah and Melanie? That jacket is so cheery and fabulous, you look brilliant! xxx

  8. Both worthy ladies to be inspired by! Love the jacket and the fun you're having here Shelley!

  9. Glorious! Isn't it amazing how a jacket of joy can change life's trajectory and with these photos you made my day. Sarah and Melanie inspire me, as do you!

  10. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that pop of colour breaks all the rules, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love, love, love.

  11. That jacket is so fabulously 1980s! Love your posing.

  12. Fabulous and entertaining post! Melanie is one of my on your recommendation, I must check out Sarah!

    I do so relate to a posing rut! Thanks for the inspiration my dear!

  13. Love the character yes! i could never do that, sorry to say but i do put together kick ass outfits!
    Do you really wear this to work? if yes, i am so happy- i am not the only one! and you inspire me to go even crazier! I have been a bit down these past few days your cheered me up girl!

    Ariane xxxx

    1. Yes, I really wore this to work! Your bold colour mixing inspires me as well, and I am so happy to have been able to make you smile.

    2. Even Toto would grin at this one! Love it!