Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blossoms, Beads and Fur

I've been home with the flu (fever, cough and ache-all-over) for the last two days, and consequently have no street shots, or outfit posts.  In between naps and throwing back advil, neo-citran and oil of oregano, I took some photos of the swell thrifted finds I have acquired in the last few weeks, all of which were priced at $10 or under.  Unfortunately,  we don't have regular car boot sales where it's possible to score something fabulous for 50p (yes, Vix, I'm referring to you) but these days, I consider it a bargain at $10 if something is well made, and I know that no one else is going to have one.

A home-made wiggle dress, found at the Sally Ann on Bloor St. W. in Toronto, which originally I thought was made out of silk, but was corrected on that by Melinda, she of the awesome fabric knowledge.  It came with what I first though was a lovely gathered short cape (and it still could be worn as one), but it was decided that it had been made to wear around the waist of the dress to add a "bustle" effect.  The dress is a bit tight and if I'm going to wear it, a trip to a seamstress will be necessary.

Someone had stuffed this made in India beaded silk jacket in with the winter coats at my local Goodwill store, perhaps thinking they would come back later and get it, but their timing was bad, as I scooped it.  The thing weighs a fracking ton, and of course, can't be cleaned, so it's not going to be  worn often.  I'm thinking of getting some dress shields to put in it for extra protection. 

Back view of the ridiculously heavy jacket - the design is all beading and 95% of the beads are still there.

I can't claim credit for discovering this knit fur poncho - that goes to my friend Heather, who was trying it on at a Value Village in Hamilton, at the same time that I was trying a tapestry fitted jacket.  We looked at each other, and immediately Heather said, "let's switch".  The jacket went home with her, and I got the soft and cozy poncho.  Not to rush the seasons, but I am looking forward to being able to throw this over pretty much every outfit when it gets cooler.


  1. They might not have been 50p but man, are they gorgeous! I've got a pattern somewhere for a frock with a detachable frill that looks remarkably similar. Is the dress made of acetate?
    I love the blingy jacket, you're one of the few women in the world who'd rock it! The furry poncho thing is gorgeous! Well done! let's see them on! xxx

  2. Fabulous buys, Shelley, I love them all! The wiggle dress is to die for, the colours are beautiful. I am sure a little minor tweaking will make it right for you. The beaded jacket is a stunner, it will bling up any outfit, and give you a work out at the same time! And I agree, the little poncho will be a go-to item this autumn.
    Sorry to hear you're ill, hope you feel better very soon. Xxxxx

  3. that poncho is fabulous. Can't wait to see you wearing it with some of your edgy boots. I bet someone was trying to hide that beaded jacket. I do that too. ;) Until I can make up my mind.

    So sorry you're ill. I've never heard of oil of oregano to take for the flu. I use to put it in a baggy and pretend it was something else. ;)

  4. O,poos to the flu! I have a heavy cold myself,let's be miserable together!
    I reckon $10 and under is a good deal in any currency.$10 is generally my limit, unless it's something really REALLY special!
    The wiggle frock is divoon,and I have a soft spot for homemade!!!
    The Indian jacket is incredible!Soemthing like that can only be aired;I just wouldn't wear it if I was going dancing!
    The poncho is ridiculously practical AND adorable!!!
    A trio of fabulousness!

  5. Aww, Shelley, sorry to hear you're ill too - I hope you will soon be well!

    Thanks for giving us a peek at your finds! The beading on that jacket is amazing.

  6. This jacket is unbelievable, incredible find Shelley!
    Hope you feel better soon!

    Ariane xxx

  7. Oh dear, Dear!
    Sooooooo sorry to hear you're down with the flu. I know all too well what that's like. (Insert various expletives here.) Get well very soon. One can dress up and never leave the house, but as we know it's so much more fun to dress up for the great outdoors. (That's the best reason for getting well.)

  8. So sorry to hear that you're ill, but would never know it by this post of spectacular finds. Such diversity, but that's what makes it so much fun. The wiggle dress with a bustle! I'm happy to hear that you didn't resist!

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon. I love the beaded jacket! And the poncho will be loads of fun this winter.

  10. Great finds! I love the beaded jacket and the fur poncho. I can imagine someone coming back for the jacket and discovering--- nothing! She Who Hesitates must be prepared to weep later.

    Cheers from England,
    Rosemary from

  11. The poncho and jacket ROCK. Hope you're feeling better soon! :)

  12. Incredible finds. Each of them is perfect. If I had to choose just one it would have to be the poncho. Wow.

  13. that jacket! to think it was at a goodwill in london ontario (and it could have been mine had i spotted it first) - inspiring thrift gem!

  14. Score on all three! Love the dress especially, and the jacket would be worth displaying on the wall
    as a piece of art if you weren't wearing it!

  15. Holy guacamole - the dress is FRICKIN GOOOORGEOUS and I LOOOVE the poncho so much. Cannot wait to see you in these! Hope you are feeling better - big hugs! Sarah xxx

  16. Oh I do hope you are feeling better! Love your finds. The jacket makes me want to kick myself for passing up a thrifted jacket I saw at the beach, but I did end up with some other treasures!

    Love the high tops in the previous post. I love high tops.

    Be well!

  17. If you ever get rid of that dress please let me know!

  18. If you ever get rid of that dress please let me know!