Sunday, August 19, 2012

Better Red (and Purple) Than Dead

 A couple of my fellow bloggers have recently used the poem, Warning, (known more commonly by its first line, "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple"), by Jenny Joseph,  as inspiration for an outfit (visit my UK blogger pal Curtise to see what I mean).  It just happened that last week I had worn this red and purple combo to work, and thought I would get on the bandwagon, so to speak.
Red - Chinese pyjama top (thrifted) and pencil skirt (Mesh Consignment store
Purple - T-shirt (the Gap), Converse (retail), hair (my fab hairstylist)

Why wait til you're old to give the proverbial finger to society's rules about what colour goes with what, and mixing patterns, and wearing short skirts after 40, and for heaven's sake, are those sneakers you're wearing with that skirt??  Yes, yes they are.  Didn't you know that Converse go with everything?  That's MY rule.


  1. Ah ha! Now I see what you're talking about...the red and purple! Must be in the air. It's a fabulous combination, as far as I'm concerned. I love your iteration, too.

    Unfortunately, converse sneakers don't fit me well. i thrifted an amazing, like-new pair in my size, but they just weren't comfortable. I ended up selling them. I LOVE your purple ones. And yes, I agree, we should wear whatever makes us happy. Period.

  2. Hey, great minds, Shelley!
    You look fabulous, as any woman does who knows her own mind and style and doesn't play by anyone else's restricting rules!
    That jacket/PJ top is gorgeous, and you have GOOD legs, why on earth wouldn't you wear a short skirt?!
    Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it. xxxxx

  3. When we were on Vancouver Island on vacation I saw a group of ladies lunching in the red and purple outfits. They were having a ball. I noticed my son and husband were looking at them like the affair was a bit weird and I may have thought that way too before blogging. Blogging has really taught me to accept all fashion choices someone may have and to recognize that as our free choice and how lucky we are to have that freedom!
    This is really cute on you Shelley. Today you are Cherries and Blackberries!

  4. Yeah,giving the old finger to societys rules on a daily basis is rather cathartic!!! I do love that old poem.......and I LOVE your Chinese pj top!Rock ON!

  5. Converse DO go with everything! Admiring the arrangements of buttons on the jacket.

  6. Very creative, from your stunning hair to the purple Converse. You can really pull this off! But of course red and purple are smashing together. And wearing short skirts after 40 should not even be a question, as far as I'm concerned.

  7. Wonderfully vibrant! That proverbial finger comes in ever so handy. ;)

  8. YES to good ole Chucks!! And yes indeed to "Warning", wearing purple and red together, rocking silver crinolines, bloomers and fecktastic short skirts!!! xoxoxo

  9. You are so fabulous and rocking the colour combo and Converse!
    It makes me laugh when I read these rules in the media (and sadly by fellow bloggers), I've always worn what I want to, I'm amazed everyone else hasn't. x

  10. Love to read your wise words and watch all your fabulousness, because it's true that converse go with everything and purple&red is one of my favorite color combos!
    besos & warning!

  11. I'm a member of the local Red Hat Society here in England. I've written about it on my blog. Basically, everyone (except me) is too shy to wear their red hats in public. They put them on when we are all together in the coffee shop, and when they leave, promptly put the red hats into a carrier bag. I usually keep on wearing mine, especially if I'm wearing a red beret. For all their bravado, these Red Hatters are actually scared to death of standing out in a crowd!

    Cheers from England,

  12. My mom is 70 and still wears short skirt! She looks so cool!
    I agree with you all the way Shelley!
    Love your converse

  13. Uh YES Converse go with everything in my world too! You are such a beautiful superstar in this fab outfit - AND THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE COLOUR COMBINATION! Sarah xxx

  14. Your knees are so wonderful that should be seen by all of us, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    So pleased to be back.