Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sunfest Style - The Performers

The best part of Sunfest is the music, and my favourite band from yesterday was Vancouver-based Delhi 2 Dublin, who play a driving, dynamic mix of Celtic/Bangra/Dub/Electronica that is impossible not to dance to.  I saw them perform twice yesterday, and consequently it was a three-shower, two-outfit day.   I love to see what the performers at Sunfest are wearing - the different cultures showcased at the festival bring a much-need punch of colour and variety of style to the Forest City.
Andrew Kim, who plays electric sitar (as he is above) and guitar in Delhi 2 Dublin, looked both cool and hot in his kilt.  I've said it before, and I will say it again - more men should wear kilts!  You can get them made from fabrics such as cotton/poly twill, and hemp to make them wearable in the summer.  I'm pretty sure that Kim's came from the online store Utilikilt

The woman above is dancing with the band Alpha Yaya Diallo.   In general, the performers from Africa are the winners when it comes to colourful, comfortable, heat-friendly clothing.  I love the colour and pattern of her top and skirt.

The woman from the photo above, offstage before the performance - it's obvious her love of bold colours and patterns is not confined to her stage wardrobe.

More Sunfest style to come.  If you haven't been there yet, you've still got today and tomorrow to sample what the world has to offer in music, cuisine and crafts


  1. Now THAT's a summer festival. Great colours. Looks like such a good time - a Two Outfit Hit no less.

  2. More more more! Show us more! That guy is absolutely rocking the crap out of that fab kilt - and I love that fabulous flowy red caftan! Sarah xxx