Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sunfest - The Last Roundup

I had stopped to admire the woman's embroidered cowboy boots (see photo below), and she told me they lived in Detroit, and this was the first time they had attended Sunfest.  I thought they both had a great look, from her flat-crowned hat and gorgeous boots, to his bright shirt and waxed moustache.

 A closer look at the embroidered boots

This woman also had some kick-ass boots

Love, love, love the colour!  She found them in Kensington Market in Toronto

These two women were working in the Fairies Pyjamas booth.  I always look for them at Sunfest and end up taking something home from their booth.  This year it was the leather cuff that I'm wearing in my "Frida" post, and a great cloth shoulder bag.

Percussionist and vocalist from Vancouver's Five Alarm Funk in his Steampunk-esque goggles

I had seen these mustard yellow sandals in one of my favourite stores, but alas, they didn't fit me, so I was happy to see that at least one other person appreciated their cheerful colour and cool "old-lady shoe" aesthetic.

There you have it folks, the style from on and off stage that captured my eye at Sunfest this year.  Enjoy the rest of London's summer festivals - Home County is this coming weekend!


  1. THOSE EMBROIDERED COWBOY BOOTS ARE FAAABULOUS!!! Oops - sorry for yelling, but they are pretty great! Sarah xxx

  2. Oh boy, those are my kind of shoes (yellow ones). I just love them! Would they be able to be found on line?
    Great looking couple you found too. I love her boots. I've never even tried a pair of cowboy boots on before. Can't believe I said that!

    1. I'm pretty sure they are from the brand Fly London so you could probably find them on their website as they are from this season. I love cowboy boots, but my feet don't!

  3. Thanks for the coverage of this colourful, fun event! Your photos have been wonderful. Great boots. And I agree about the yellow shoes, twisty appeal.

  4. I love the embroidered cowboy boots and the chap with the waxed moustache's kaftan. What is it with festivals and waxed 'tashes? the one's I go to are heaving with them (cool to look at but yuk, couldn't snog one!) xxx

  5. Ooh, great boots and love the yellow shoes. Fly shoes are a bit narrow for me, but I'll take a look, I feel the desire for new sandals since it's actually been SUNNY in the UK today! xxx

  6. Focusing on boots and shoes is always a good thing. Your choices are stellar, as usual. Your coverage of Sunfest is worthy of coverage in your local paper!!!

  7. All of you are looking adorable, especially boots are awesome.