Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sunfest - Hair's The Thing

Below-waist-length dreads on Itagui Correa, vocalist for the Miami-based band Locos Por Juana

I have known the woman on the left for years, and she loves Sunfest as much as I do, so it is inevitable that we will run into each other at some point on the weekend.  I photographed her last year wearing a pair of funky pants, and this year, she was wearing a cool dress with button details.  The lovely young woman next to her is her daughter, whose hair style is different every time I see her.  I asked her if I could take a closeup shot of her current style

This is certainly not a style that many people could carry off as well as she does. I like the contrast of the shorn side with the loose curls and tight braid. 

I think the mohawk, or a modified version of such, looks very cool on kids (and on some adults).  When the hair is curly, it's pretty much impossible to make it spikey, but I think this boy's shaved sides and curly top look great.  His Mom has some pretty serious ink.

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  1. What fabulous hair styles! Love the denim bum bag the mum in the bottom photo's carrying. x