Friday, July 6, 2012

Sizzling Sunfest Style

This weekend is Sunfest, the first big festival of the summer here in London, and in my opinion, the absolute best.  Artistic and Executive Director Alfredo Caxaj brings amazing bands from all over the world to London for 4 days of music, delectable food and vendors selling everything from silver jewellery and batik dresses to straw hats and Raggedy Ann dolls (!!??).  The festival has been blessed with excellent weather for almost every one of its 18 years, and this year the temperature has soared to the mid-thirties, with a humidex of 41 for today.  With that kind of heat, there are some things that are essential for the person who plans to spend a day outside.    

The right outfit is of utmost importance - I found this dress on a thrifting expedition this week and the full skirt was perfect for dancing!  A wide-brimmed hat was a must, as were a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, and lots of water.   
Dress - Salvation Army Thrift Store
"Lady Beatrice" vintage hat - The Sentimentalist Vintage store
Favourite lace-up sandals - retail

My friend Heather picked up her striped hat at the Bay - she was going to get an all-black one, but then had a "what would Shelley do" moment and got the pink and black one!

A pretty parasol is a great alternative to a hat - shade, and style savvy!

I'll be posting more photos from Sunfest all weekend. 


  1. I absolutely adore at last dress! Any idea where it come from?

  2. Looking forward to your Sunfest reports. Sounds like you may have some dancing in store and you found an excellent dress for it. I'm going to get out my paper parasol now.

  3. How fun! You look cool and festive! I'm discovering, or re-discovering the benefits of dresses in the summer. I think in my late 40's I didn't want to show too much skin but now that I'm over 50, fuck it! ;)

  4. Lovely dresses & always adore a parasol!

  5. I agree - the perfect hot'n'humid festival outfit!
    Love your friend's hat, and of course I'm drawn to the lovely maxi and parasol ensemble!
    Have a great time. xxxx

  6. Perfect outfit Shelley!
    It has been warm here as well
    I love that your friend purchased the pink and black hat
    The parasol is so gorgeous!

    Ariane xxx

  7. You look FABULOUS Shelley! I love the perfect proportions of your outfit - and how fab is parasol lady! Hope the festival is AMAZING - can't wait to hear all about it! Sarah xxx

  8. Lovely dress. I'd love to see a close up of that necklace!

  9. I love your sun dress and that fringe-edged hat with those lace-up sandals (with blue toes!). You look cool. Wow, it's hot there - we're tiptoeing into the mid-20s and we're all celebrating.

  10. Shelley, you have the perfect outfit for a hot summer day. The dress floats around you and the hat/glasses protect you from the sun with glamour. And I see the blue polish on your toes, reflecting the pattern in your dress. Nice touch! You are indeed ready to hit the dance floor!

  11. amazing hat dear!!!
    Just found your blog and I think is super!
    I've started following you on GFC!
    like to follow back? we could stay in contact if you like!! I hope so!!
    kisses dear!!!