Thursday, July 26, 2012

Backward and Forward

I have a couple of friends who are known for wearing articles of clothing backwards and upside down, if they feel that they look/fit better that way.  For the most part, I tend to wear things the "right" way around, but this outfit inspired me to switch things up. I'm wearing my favourite summer pants, made of very thin cotton, with "pockets" which are actually open all the way down the leg so they provide excellent ventilation.  I am wearing a t-shirt, but the neckline was too low to be comfortable at work, so after some experimenting, I  threw on a crinkly vest back-to-front, and added my favourite chinese pyjama top.  Red sandals, red slapwatch, and patterned scarf on my head and I'm good to go, and kind of pleased with myself.

 I may wear this vest backwards all the time from now on.
vest and pants - From Mars
pyjama top - Value Village
t-shirt and sandals - Joe Fresh

As for the "Forward" part of this post, you have probably noticed that my blog has a different look.  The template I had been using wasn't working well on widescreen computer monitors, and although I liked the white background, after three years, it seemed time to try something new.  Let me know what you think - someone suggested that it's not as "modern" looking as the previous template, which may be true, but then again, there are lots of day's I'm not so "modern" looking myself!


  1. The backwards vest is a great idea. I like how it's tied at the small of your back.

    Cute sandals!

  2. Love this! Especially the vest - looks great 'backwards,' and love the pyjama top too. (What can I red.)

  3. I'm a big fan of wearing things backward. I had to switch my top right in the middle of yoga class a few weeks ago because I was falling out while in downward facing dog.I rather liked the look of the lace 'v' in the back afterall. lol ( do you make your photos the size they are and how do you create that border around them? I'm clueless.)

  4. Very clever use of the crinkly vest over your t-shirt with that stunning chinese pajama top. You should be pleased with yourself as you're looking great from here.

    I think your template change is a good one. I've found that consciously making a choice to transition in small ways has the ability to shift other elements of one's life as well. In a positive way!

  5. The vest looks good that way, I don't think I'd like all the tie stuff hanging in front. Love the jacket and Value Village, I'll be hitting on on Saturday with my BFF. Can't wait.

  6. You creative chick! Both outfits look fabulous, I'm more than a little in love with that Chinese jacket and the backwards vest is a look I may have to pinch! x

  7. I love your creative leap! That vest look awesome backwards. And the Chinese pyjama top is perfect. Those bubbles of red everywhere make everything so alive.

    I like your new template. It's softer and makes your content stand out, but the white worked for me too - always good to mix things up though!

  8. You always look great. Artsy, creative, handmade. I really like how you've been able to wear your shoes backwards here. I'll try that too! ;)

  9. love your blog. This outfit is beautiful and exciting - Good idea to turn the blouse on Beautiful colors. I remember in the 50s I turned my cardigan with buttons in their backs, I like your new page. The work well. Mine is also white but when I started it was gray and I was also in doubt and I am actually still there.

  10. You look great, Shelley, cool and funky and back-to-front in a really good way! Love the way you have tied the vest at the back, and your pyjama top is gorgeous, you look fabulous in red.
    My view on blog layouts, etc, is that it's ENTIRELY up to you! It looks fine to me, but then it did before too. I don't think it matters much to me how bloggers set up their blogs, it's the person and the content I am interested in. I tinker about with my template from time to time in a minor way, but no one has ever commented so I don't suppose it was noticeable. I know some bloggers have very strong opinions on layout, colours, and so on, but honestly - I come here to visit YOU, not to look at the colour of your background! xxxxxx

  11. Hmm, my comment disappeared while I was typing it. Here I go again....I love leather cuffs so much I'm always on Etsy looking at them. I wanted to share a link for this gorgeous one!

    She has great prices too!

  12. I like the vest o backwards. Your changes to the look of the blog are so subtle, I hardly noticed.

  13. Love this fab outfit - ventilated pants!! The vest is lovely backwards and I love the red touches... and I haven't seen a slapwatch since the 80s!!! Sarah xxx

  14. Hi shelley!

    I have to try this as well to wear the clothes a different way!
    Seems to be a trend lately
    You look so casual chic and so comfortable
    I love the idea of incorporating a pj top, so clever!

    Ariane xxxx