Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer's Here And The Time is Right...

....for dressing to beat the heat

Shorts, a barely-there top, head scarf and green hi-tops - Classic cool

crinkly cotton dress in a pretty colour, cool sunnies and cute sandals - Boho chic

Hope you enjoyed the longest (and one of the hottest!) day of the year - Welcome Summer!


  1. Summer is really not here where I live, I'm longing for these beautiful days!

  2. Green with envy! I'd love to be out and about in next-to-nothing today but I've woken to grey, damp crapiness, good old British summer! x

  3. These women look great. I've been in tights, boots, and carrying an umbrella - British summertime, pah! xxxx

  4. Oh sweetie, I love how you've given us a couple of street-style pics. I LOVE!!!! xoxoxoxo

  5. Great shots of summer! It's over 100 degrees here today, so the fan is ON.