Friday, June 8, 2012

BealArt Show 2012

Last weekend was the annual showcase of the work of the students in the BealArt program at H.B. Beal Secondary School.  BealArt provides an excellent foundation of training for students, with the opportunity to learn from talented and well-respected artists - many of Canada's renowned artists have graduated from the program.  Each year, students exhibit their creations in the mediums of sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, textiles and pottery.  There are always a few students whose work displays a talent and maturity beyond their years, and I like to walk around the exhibit making mental notes of my favourites. 
As I was taking a photo of the beautiful blue, beige and white stoneware in the background, a young man asked if I would like a photo with the artist (I love coincidences like that).  It was even cooler that Beal student Devin Geroux was dressed to match the colours of his work.
"Morphing Bench" constructed of copper wire by Manar Shams.  I loved this piece, which was approximately a foot high, and priced at only $40, but it had already sold.
Manar Shams also created this piece in the show, titled "The Dragon Warrior" from paper, cardboard and fabric.
Painting by Carson Teal
Another piece in the show by Carson Teal, "Reokkur", done in pencil crayon and ink
This stylish young woman had some of her drawings in the show. 
She was wearing the most awesome ring, which she said was from Budapest

I had more photos from the show than I originally thought, so I will post a "Part Two" this weekend!


  1. So much talent, so much hope! There's nothing like seeing the work of emerging young artists to feel inspired. And I love that ring!

  2. I love the ring...and just as Melanie said, it is the creativity of these and my students that helps me believe all will one day be well in our world.

  3. I am energized and renewed by seeing the work of these beautiful young people. Absolutely uplifting.

  4. I am impress with such creativity, isn't great!
    Especially love the work of Manar too bad you could get the first piece
    Great stuff Shelley!

  5. What a great collection of art! Looks like a lot of talent coming out of that school. Glad you shared Shelley! I'd love to see more of Carson Teal's work.

  6. Thank you for taking us along as you display photos of emerging artists. Beautiful pieces and stunning young people.

  7. What interesting work. I love the Morphing Bench. xxx