Saturday, June 9, 2012

BealArt 2012 - Part Two

I will kick off Part Two of my BealArt show post with this stunning photo by Beal student Sarah Lund.  The photo, entitled "Nicolle", is an example of a very successful collaboration between photographer and model, whose intense gaze is incredibly haunting.  This was one of my very favourite pieces in the show.

I couldn't resist a quick shot of this woman in her pink and black as she was looking at the photographs

Mother and daughter (who is a Beal Student)
I loved the rubenesque ballerinas in this print by Yasemin Yalcin, titled "Exponential Success"

This drawing, titled "Retrospective", was created by Ali Louwagie.   I've added a detail photo below so you can see the skill evident in the line and shading
Detail of "Retrospective"

Red x 3

I liked this metal sculpture, titled "Beaver 2", because of the way the artist, Rachelle Potier, used triangle-shaped pieces of metal used to create the body. 

Another piece in the show by Rachelle Potier titled "Pea Brain Ostrich"


  1. Love the beaver and the ostrich sculptures. The ballerinas remind me of the ballet dancing hippos in Fantasia! What a great art show. xx

  2. Nicolle's freckles as much as her gaze are arresting. Like Curtise, I like the ostrich as well.

  3. The quality of this art is amazing me! I hope these young students continue their creations. The world would be a bore without it.

  4. I too love the photo of Nicolle, with her haunting gaze. Such incredible young talent that you captured for this post. The 'Red x 3' made me smile!

  5. The pea brain ostrich and beaver are such fun, I'd love them in my garden! The Mum & daughter look more like sisters, don't they? x