Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thoughts on Three Years of Blogging

In addition to everything else I forgot this month,  my blog's third birthday slipped by unnoticed.  Not that I planned to throw it a party or anything, but I usually take the time when another year of FCF has passed, to reflect on the direction it's headed, and whether what I'm putting into it is balanced out by what I get out of it.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with how my three year old is doing, and I think I've managed to stick to the original plan of creating a positive forum for celebrating people in London whose personal style stands out.  Over time, I've added art and cultural event coverage, and more recently, my own adventures in dressing for the daily theatre of my life.  Since I haven't had any cranky emails or comments, I assume that my readers are ok with this (or have no feelings one way or the other).

One of the most meaningful, and delightfully unexpected, benefits of my blog has been the connections I have made with other bloggers from all over the globe.  My followers are mostly women, and I have stumbled onto a community of kindred spirits, that were it not for the Internet, would have remained unknown to me.  I am grateful for their support, comments, and the inspiration constantly provided by their over-the-top, outside-the-box, and overwhelmingly creative style and personalities. You know who you are, and if my other readers want to meet you, they can peruse my list of "blogs that inspire me".
My blog has had a significant impact on what I wear.  I have always enjoyed "dressing up", and my style choices have been considered "unique" since I was in my 20's, but blogging, and following others' blogs, have encouraged me to experiment with shapes and colours I had never considered before.  I also buy more of my clothing secondhand, which has had a significant impact on my wardrobe.  My basics now share space with one-of-a-kind pieces like the Chinese jacket that I am wearing in the photo above, and these pieces are not saved for special occasions, but incorporated into my daily wardrobe.  And, as many of the bloggers I follow, who are in their 40's, 50's and older, have realized, with age comes the confidence to dress for yourself, and to care less about whether anyone else approves of what you're wearing.  If this blog provides any kind of inspiration, I would hope that it would be to wear what makes you happy, and don't worry what other people think about it.  Life is too short to not take the opportunity to find joy wherever you can, even if it's in a pair of striped socks.

I'm wearing: jacket from The Sentimentalist, jeans from H&M, shoes from the Toronto
Vintage show


  1. Uplifting and fashionable as always! And happy blog-birthday!

  2. Oh the jacket is marvelous, and the striped socks are so unexpected! Happy third blogiversary.

  3. Happy third anniversary! I'm so glad I found you! You are always inspiring in your own style and the styling of your accomplices. I love this unexpected pairing of the jacket with the cuffed jeans and flats. Excellent.

  4. Happy Third Blog Birthday! That jacket is soooo beautiful and I like the socks & shoes, too. I'm one of your regular followers and always enjoy finding you here.
    jill in Ontario

  5. Absolutely stunning, ahhhhhhhhhh
    I need that gorgeous jacket.


    I too am loving the kinship with other stylish & thrifty women across the globe - isn't it amazing??

    Great jacket. Have a happy weekend! :)

  7. Well, happy birthday to your three year old! (And by extension, to you!)

    GREAT photo! GREAT jacket! GREAT blog!!!!!

  8. That jacket is stunning. And the stripey socks are a stroke of genius!
    Happy 3rd anniversary. I so agree with you about wearing what makes you happy. The more you do it, the braver you get, I find. The women I have "met" through the blogging community are endlessly inspirational, supportive, generous, and so bloody funny! xxx

  9. Fantastic jacket, and congratulations on the
    three year anniversary of an excellent blog!
    Maybe a party's not such a bad idea!

  10. Three years of creativity is something to celebrate! Congratulations! I love the vintage Chinese jacket and you always add details that surprise and delight. Your blog is a must read and I agree that the connections as a result of blogging are life changing!

  11. You said it perfectly. Every bit of it. Congratulations on your anniversary. I really, really love that jacket, too.

  12. Happy Anniversary it is easy to see you enjoy what you do.

  13. Aaahhhh you've hit the spot with me when you say you've started incorporating special occasion wear into your everyday outfits - huzzah!!!!!!!! It's crazy the amount of money people spend on something they'll end up wearing once, it's fantastic to see you mixing it all up:)))). I absolutely ADORE your chinese jacket and shoes, plus your hair is looking particularly spectacular today:)). Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary, I'm just so glad to have found you here, a kindred, adventurous spirit! Big hugs to you xoxoxoxoxo

  14. Hi Shelley!

    Happy 3 Shelley! My official first year blooging was in April, but did not mention it. I am happy that i found some many wonderful ladies as well.
    I am a bit lazy at the moment with blogging, a bit tired, could be the weather.
    I guess i will be back soon!
    Keep blogging dear Lady, you have a superb style!

    Ariane xxxx

  15. Happy belated bloggerversary! And like you, the blogging has given me the unexpected windfall of connecting with kindred spirits the world over. People who have a daily impact on my real life- while shopping I think "Oh Sacramento would love this, or this is so Desiree!" And when I am messaging a friend and realize that we've only met once yet share our heart of hearts, I am so grateful for the internet, and the repercussions of the first day I hit "publish."

    Love your jacket and shoes, Shelley. Very fashion-able! the Citizen Rosebud

  16. Wonderful post! Glad I found you!

  17. This Chinese jacket is amazing! Your comments are really inspiring. Thanks.