Thursday, April 12, 2012

Remember When...

...a few short weeks ago, it was warm enough to dress like this?   I spied this guy outside the grocery store and the combination of the platinum blonde hair, white t, and the coral shorts was an "Oh Wow!" moment.  I apologize for the "Attention Shoppers" sign that appears to be growing out of the top of his head.  I'm usually much better at noticing things like that. 


  1. It's all about that hair! Love it!!! What's he doing in London? He should be in California.

    1. Thank you Melanie, Im flattered! Oddly enough, most of my family lives in southern California and I manage to make it down a couple times a year but im busy in Londontown as a health sci student at Western ;)

  2. Thin White Duke! I rather like the Attention Shoppers sign, it adds a quirky something to him! xxx

  3. Oh wow indeed! Attention Shoppers! Yes indeed! good you left the sign - This guy looks like he is straight out of London Fashion Week

    Ariane xxxxx

  4. I agree with Curtise - I quite like the sign. I bet he's a great dancer! Sarah xxx

  5. This young man has a great look, and the sign only adds to the photo!

  6. Thank you all for your kind words, luckily the heat is back and Im digging out the shorts for good this time!