Monday, April 16, 2012

From Mars Spring/Summer Fashion Show - Part 1

From Mars was all decked out in pink for their Spring/Summer Fashion show this past Friday night.   They had a good turnout of spectators/shoppers, and the store is small, so by the time you figure in the makeshift runway in the middle of the store, it was pretty crowded.  There were a number of very stylish regular customers who look like they could easily be on the runway:
I see this woman at all the events that the store hosts, and she always looks great, from head to toe
 A fabulous flowered skirt
A good friend of the store owners made these delightful cookies for the show
I like the way this young woman sectioned her blonde hair and then added the black bow
The rest of her outfit was just as striking -  excellent print mixing with the dress and cardigan!

Tomorrow's post will feature some of the outfits from the show.

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  1. This store reminds me of La Gaillarde located in St-Henri , check it out on the web
    They have events all through the year - it is one of my fav store in town

    Love your pics, you have the eye!

    I love the flowery skirt, this lady wearing the skirt is very pretty, very stylish

    Take care

    See you soon

    Ariane xxxxx