Sunday, April 1, 2012

Forest City Derby Girls Get Rollin' in 2012

This past Saturday was the first home game of the Forest City Derby Girls 2012 season.  It was a double header, with London's Lunch Ladies facing off against Violet Uprising, from Guelph, and the Thames Fatales against Guelph's Brute-Leggers.  London came out on top in both matches so it was a great night for players and fans.   Below are some photos of things that caught my eye during the evening:
Black and white pattern mixing and a funky haircut
and speaking of patterns - red & black leopard!
More red - this woman's flaming locks stood out in the crowd
Best fan outfit AND the best Mohawk I've ever seen.  His dad, who is a kick-ass roller skater, did the hair.
I was seriously lusting after these fab green motorcycle boots worn by a woman sitting near me. They are Fluevogs, sigh....
Part of the fun of going to a Roller Derby game is putting together the outfit.  This was what I ended up with - you've seen the dress and the sox before; the leather corset belt came from Northbound Leather in Toronto several years ago, and sadly, it doesn't go out much.
 The Thames Fatales, giddy from their victory on the track


  1. I love every photo, but you and your outfit - my favorite. The leather corset belt with 'wicked' socks! Made my day!

  2. I knew you'd post about the mohawk kid. :) Nice seeing you there!

  3. The mohawk kid should be in a Milk commercial! And I love your green & black outfit, too!
    jill in Ontario

  4. If it weren't so tricky to tape a Mohawk hairpiece onto your head, I'd say that was a wig - it's so perfectly done! And you are sizzling in those Wicked socks and the leather corset!

  5. Love your corset Shelley, too bad it does not go out more often!
    Lots of funky styles in your town, i do not see mohawks very often this one is pretty spectacular! Love the dotty red pants and the red hair
    I am happy to know that you are as much as an addict than me and yes we are original interesting women. I got a comment at work once, a lady working at the cafeteria told me i brought sunshine in her life every time she
    saw me.

    Ariane xxxxx

  6. Awesome mohawk kid - and fabulous YOU! You look just GORGEOUS - I would so love to dress up and come with you to this roller derby! Sarah xxx

  7. Oh you look absolutely brilliant and I'm so glad you cracked out the leather corset - fecking awesome figure you've got there gorgeous!!! I nearly died when I saw the GREEN bike boots - died and gone to Hades coz there's no way I'll ever find them here. What a fantastic night out - I would def join Sarah and dress up for a derby night out with you!! I think you can rock bloomers for sure, it's coming into summer for you and when everyone's wearing boring cut-offs you can show off your gorgeous gams with style:))))) xoxoxoxoxoxo