Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fanshawe Design Students' Unbound Fashion Show - Part 2

Part two of my post on the "Unbound" Fashion Show features designs from the second half of the show, in which many of the collections consisted of eveningwear.  A number of dresses were beautifully cut, with unique and visually arresting detailing, but I confess to being less than enamoured with the designs crafted from white, shiny silk/satin.  It's a fabric that is difficult to wear as it often makes women look larger, which is not the effect we are looking for when we get dressed for a special occasion.
In this piece from Teresa Veerkamp's collection, "Aura", she relieved the starkness of a white evening dress with splashes of bright colour and sheer fabric embellishments
There were some spectacular pieces of jewellery on the runway, including this turquoise and gold necklace worn with a design by Natasha Wellman
Another of Wellman's designs, featuring a sheer overlay
Melanie VandenBerg used bold colours and mutated fabric in her collection "Transmuted Allure"
I love the cut of this stunning but simple black dress from VandenBerg's collection
 Intricate corded detailing added visual interest to this striking dress that was part of Kelsey Marsh's collection, titled "Iota"
Denise Mayers' eveningwear collection featured streamlined shapes and muted colours with intricate fabric embellishments
Veronika Savina used stark black and white in her collection "Reflective Beauty".  The dresses had fitted silhouettes and high necklines
This dress, part of Brittney Wood's collection, "Incandescent Existence",  had a beautifully sleek line and looked fabulous on the model
One of my favourite looks of the evening wasn't on the runway, but worn by a young lady in the audience--an eye-popping combo of hot pink and purple!


  1. Interesting that ALL the evening silhouettes are very fitted and slimline. What's a curvy gal to do for an evening gown then? Maybe the black and white one would work...
    I agree that it's nice to have some COLOUR with that lovely blast of pink in the audience! xxx

  2. Curtise, I'm with you on that--all of the dresses were very fitted, and of course they looked great on the models, the majority of whom were very thin, but on real women with curves, bumps, etc. they would certainly not be that flattering. I was isappointed there was not a wider range of shape options.

  3. I agree with Curtise very fitted and slimline, nevertheless beautiful -

    About street style photography, i am refering to your comment on my last post - I started the blog with street style photography- it was fun but lots of work again and plus people were always willing and i had to explain and bla, bla...
    But once in a while i would like to throw in posts with street photography

    Let me know if you are coming to Mtl!

    Ariane xxxx

  4. I've been following these posts and must say, "What a bunch of talented young designers!" I wish them all the very best in their careers. I would have liked to see more highly unwearable and off-the-wall pieces! That pop of pink and purple in your last shot made me look twice. Beautiful.

  5. Oh such FUN! I love that gorgeous turquoise necklace - and the fabulous Denise Mayers dress. Sarah xxx

    1. Thank you Sarah for the kind words!
      -Denise Mayer

  6. I loved the open back and the elegant black gown. Most importantly, I enjoyed your commentary and photography.

  7. The architecture of these dresses is stunning. Wow!

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