Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sunny Days & Sassy Stockings

It's been sunny and warm (well, warm for March) the last couple of days; the perfect weather for these patterned fishnet tights I found at Winners this week for $6.   At work, a guy wanted to know what I had on my legs, and I said, "they're tights", and he replied, "no, those are stockings" - apparently "stockings" has a different connotation in the mind of men than "tights".  Maybe it was because I had paired them with my pink ankle boots. 


  1. Hi Shelley!

    Winners has pretty good tights, i go often for tights, good brands and goog prices -
    I am not the fishnet girl, but handy in warmer weather when you do not want to show your white winter legs!
    You paired them with pink ankle boots! wow that must have been so fabulous!

    Do you get a lot of comments about your clothes at work?

    Love Ariane xxxxx

  2. Nothing like a pair of funky tights for getting a man's interest, horny devils! I love those on you and with the ankle boots you could stop traffic. x

  3. Great photo Shelley! This makes me want to run right out and get a pair of patterned tights. Beautiful look with your pink ankle boots, which I covet. You always wear interesting shoes that get my attention.

  4. those sassy stockings look great!