Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Day of Spring, or Summer?

I know that the first day of Spring has now moved to the 20th, for reasons I still don't understand, but in my mind, the season changes will remain firmly rooted as occurring the 21st, so for me, today was the first day of Spring.  Except that with the 26 degree temperatures (that's Celsius by the way) we had made it feel more like the first day of summer.  Anyway, this sudden heat wave has made dressing for work a bit of a challenge--it's too early for the university to crank on the A/C, so it's been warm inside and outside.  I got this dress last year at From Mars, and the fabric and shape make it comfortable to wear when the mercury soars and I was attracted to the unusual shape of the hem.  I paired it with a scarf I found recently at Winners, and my green El Naturalista shoes.  I think the colours set off the ghost white of my legs quite nicely, don't you?


  1. Hey, you work at Western too? Cool! Yes, it was nearly 27 degrees in our office yesterday...

  2. I love it - the dress looks beautifull cool and the colours are pool-side dreamy and whimsical. Sarah xxx

  3. That is beautiful! The wonky dress hem is perfect and the scarf is so flowy. Add to that the green shoes, and, wow, that is one fabulous ode to spring. Twenty-six there? Only six here....

  4. Can you post a close up of the shoes? They look tres confortable!

  5. I love that dip-dye effect and the weird hemline, it's fabulous and perfect with the green shoes and floral scarf. Hooray for warmth, it's been too long. x

  6. Hi Shelley!
    Love the shape and the color of this dress
    Wasn't it unreal the temperature this week!
    We will be back soon to normal temperature

    Your shoes lovely, where did you get them? never heard of that brand...

    I will post your feature next, i will prepare it this weekend, can i use today's pic?

    Have a great weekend

    Ariane xxxx

  7. Shelley! Now we've been introduced!
    I LOVE this outfit - cool, funky, gorgeous colours, very you. That beautiful scarf works so well with the dress.
    I'm waving, though I'm not high enough for you to see me! xxxxxx

  8. Hi Shelley, I found you via Ariane's post on you and I'm entranced by your beautiful blog!! It's 27 deg C today in Brisbane, Australia, except it's getting cooler here - can't wait to crack out my winter gear, just as you're packing yours up! I love the hemline of this dress too and the scarf is perfection with it. xo